Not to be confused with Zoe from Deep in the Jungle of Doom.

Zoe is the main antagonist of the eighteenth Give Yourself Goosebumps book, Attack of the Beastly Babysitter.


Zoe was a rat-person created in a science experiment, along with other fellow rat people. She was formerly a rat, and in her new form she could switch between being a human giant rat with the help of a special Switch Cheese formula. However, she had run out of the special ingredient: Grated Kid. So she gets rid of your planned babysitter, Mary Ellen and pretends to be your babysitter and forces you to partake in either Fun or Games. If you choose Fun, she attempts to kidnap you and your brother and use you for her experiments.

In the A storyline, you can manage to destroy the funzone and free the kids, causing her to vanish underneath the pile of ruble. In a side story, she needs your genetic makeup to turn you into rats so they can work on turning her and her fellows rat-people back into rats. If you choose to help them, they turn you back to normal and get their switch cheese, leaving you alone.

General information


In the A story, she is evil and screws around with you, wanting to use you for her experiments. But in a side story, she is portrayed more sympathetically, just wanting to become a rat again.

Physical appearance

Zoe has straight brown hair down to her waist, and is generally mousy looking in her human form. She has a tatoo of a rat on her earlobe. In her rat form, she has a rat head with human lips and eyes.


  • While the cover portrays her as closer to a full rat, she is actually just a mousy looking person in her human form, and still has human features in her rat-person form.
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