The following is a list of characters from You Can't Scare Me! and its television adaptation in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description

Book and TV episode Eddie is a geeky kid. In the book, he says that a lot of kids tease him. He despises Courtney. one of his classmates, because he thinks that she is a showoff.

Book and TV episode Courtney is seemingly perfect at everything. She's smart, brave, and quick-thinking. Because of this, many of her classmates despise her.
Mr. Melvin

Book Mr. Melvin is Eddie's homeroom teacher in the book.
Ms. Prince

Book and TV episode In the book, there are two sixth-grade classes. Mr. Melvin is in charge of one, and Ms. Prince is in charge of the other. In the episode, there is only one class, and Ms. Prince is in charge of it.
Mud Monsters

Book and TV episode According to local legend, humanoid mud creatures roam the woods near where Eddie lives.

Book Denise is Courtney's best friend. In the television episode, a girl can be seen sitting next to Courtney during lunch, but it's never stated if this is Denise.
Herbie "Hat"

Book and TV episode Hat is Eddie's best friend. He's is essentially always seen wearing a hat.
Molly and Charlene

Book Molly and Charlene are two of Eddie's. They help him try to scare Courtney.

Book and TV episode Kevin is Eddie's older brother and a ninth grader. Throughout the book, he continuously works towards making a film about the Mud Monsters.
Molly's brother

Book Molly's brother is mentioned early in the story. Molly gets a rubber snake from him.
Mrs. Rudolph and Muttly

Book Mrs. Rudolph is Eddie's next door neighbor. Muttly is her pet cat.
Mr. Dollinger

Book and TV episode Mr. Dollinger is the science teacher at Eddie's school.
Mr. Russo

Book Mr. Russo is the gym teacher at Eddie's school.
Charlene's father

Book Charlene's father is briefly mentioned near the middle of the story. Almost no information about him is given.

Book Buttercup is Charlene's Saint Bernard. While he's normally nice. he becomes aggressive when he hears whistling.

TV episode At the beginning of the television adaptation, a girl is wandering through the woods with her grandfather. While she isn't named in the credits, her grandfather can be heard referring to her as Leah.

TV episode At the beginning of the television adaptation, a girl is wandering through the woods with her grandfather. The grandfather offers to retrieve the girl's ball when she drops it in the water.
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