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Woods Mill is a town featured in the twenty-fourth Goosebumps book, Phantom of the Auditorium.


As the majority of Phantom of the Auditorium takes place within Woods Mill Middle School, we hear more about it than we do the town it's located in. As protagonists, Brooke and Zeke, prepare for their roles in the school's upcoming play, The Phantom, their teacher, Ms. Walker tells them of Woods Mill's troubled history with the play.

According to her, when the school was first built, The Phantom was set to be performed. Hoping to make it a memorable performance, the school used the best special effects they could create, including a trap door in the stage that would allow the titular Phantom to appear and disappear. However, things soon went wrong. On the night of the performance, the boy set to play the phantom vanished. Despite constant searching, he was never found.

Now that the school is putting the play back on, strange things are happening. The stories about the missing boy becoming a real phantom seem to be coming true.


  • The Rodgers family
    • Includes Brooke, her parents, and her younger brother, Jeremy.
  • The Matthews family
    • Includes Zeke, his parents, and his older brother, Rich.
  • Tina Powell
  • Corey Sklar
  • Ms. Walker
  • Mr. Levy
  • Brian Colson (deceased)
  • Emile
  • Robert Hernandez


Location Reference image
Woods Mill Middle School
School that Brooke and Zeke attend. Not much detail is given beyond it having a drama club, which is the main focus of the story. When The Phantom was first set to be performed, the school built a trap door in the auditorium stage, leading to the

School hallway

The school's drama club.

Woods Mill Library
When Ms. Walker tells her drama students about the play's history, she briefly mentions the missing boy finding the script for it in the old Woods Mill Library.
Theater where Brooke and Zeke watch their favorite horror films. Brooke mentions that it's putting on a convention known as Creature festival.
Residential area
While we briefly hear mentions of Brooke and Zeke's house, not much description is given to them.

Interior of Brooke's house