The following is a list of characters from Why I Quit Zombie School in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Description
The Story-Keeper

The Story-Keeper (who also calls himself "The Listener") narrates the introduction to this book.
Matt Krinsky

He is the protagonist of this book. Matt loves everything that is horror-themed, such as horror movies and comic books. His parents often tell him that he is too pessimistic.
Mr. and Mrs. Krinsky

They are Matt's parents. They send Matt to a boarding school called Romero Academy because they think it would be a good experience for him, even though he pleads them not to do so.
Jamie Krinsky

Matt's older sister. Aside from her brother, Jamie hates dark or scary stuff.
Mr. Craven

He is the principal of Romero Academy. He is tall, bald, and has green eyes. Matt describes him as being really weird, but despite this, he is friendly.
Franny Roth

Franny is the first student Matt meets at his new school. She has dark hair and a nice smile.
Wayne and Angelo

They are twin brothers who study at Matt's new school. They are tall and wide, and both have short blond hair. Strangely, they have no pupils, their eyes being solid white.
Coach Meadows

He's the coach at Romero. He is bald and thin, which leads Matt to think he doesn't look like a couch at all.

He is probably a friend of Jamie. Matt himself doesn't know who he is. He is only mentioned once.

Alana's a girl from Franny Roth's class. She is tall and thin, and has straight black hair.

He is a friend of Angelo. He's on the soccer team at Romero.

Another boy from the soccer team.

Franny's roommate. Not much info is given about her.

He is one of the most popular kids in school. He is tall and athletic-looking, but he is not very friendly.

Evie is a girl Matt meets at the welcoming party.
The Reviver

He is in charge of the Reviver Room, where he heals kids who get injured. He is an old man with short white hair.

Steven is another boy from the soccer team.
Jack Harmon

Jack is the protagonist of the next Goosebumps Hall of Horrors book, Don't Scream!. The Story-Keeper introduces Jack to the reader after Matt finishes his story.
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