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The following is a list of characters from Why I'm Afraid of Bees in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Gary Lutz

Gary is the main protagonist of Why I'm Afraid of Bees. He's constantly tormented by Millville's local bullies, has no friends, is terrible at sports, and is so clumsy that everyone at school refers to him as Lutz the Klutz. Keen to get away from his own life, he enrolls himself in "Person-to-Person Vacations" to switch bodies with a skateboarder named Dirk Davis only to be placed in the body of a bee when one interferes with the transition.
Mrs. Lutz and Mr. Lutz

They're Gary's parents who are unnamed in the book. They both are well aware and had gotten use to Gary's flaws and even partake in teasing him for mere jokes.
Krissy Lutz

Krissy is Gary's bratty younger sister who also bullies and teases Gary on a regular basis.
Mr. Andretti

Gary's next-door neighbor, he is a bee farmer and regularly tends to the beehive he keeps in his backyard. In the beginning of the book, he catches Gary spying on him and scares him by screaming that the bees are attacking him.
Claus the Cat

Claus is the family cat who shows nothing but aggression to Gary whenever he's around. When transformed as a bee, Gary is later pursued by the cat who wants to kill him.

They're a colony of bees that inhabit Mr. Andretti's hive. One of them flies into Gary's house and inadvertently intercepts with Gary's body swap, consequently placing Gary in the bee's body, Dirk into Gary's body, and the bee into Dirk's body.
Ms. Karmen

Ms. Karmen is an employee at "Person-to-Person Vacations" who profiles Gary for his body swap and matches him with Dirk Davis.
Barry, Marv, and Karl

Three large neighborhood bullies who often harass Gary and beat him up time-to-time.
Judy Donner and Kaitlyn Davis

Best friends who are both pretty and very popular kids from school. Gary developed a crush on Judy ever since fourth grade and happily recalls her smiling at him at a fifth grade picnic (or so he thinks was at him).
Dirk Davis

Dirk Davis is a athletic skateboarder who's popular back at his school. His profile states that he's wishing to swap with anyone good at math to help him pass an upcoming test he's not confident about. When Gary confronts Dirk later about swapping back bodies, he refuses as he taken a liking to Gary's life after meeting his family, befriending the neighborhood kids, and after beating up Barry, Marv, and Karl.

A red haired girl that Gary sees walking into Person to Person, and hopes she isn't looking to switch bodies with anyone. He eventually hits it off with her.