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The following is a list of characters from Who's Your Mummy? in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Abby Martin

The protagonist and narrator. She is sent to her uncle Jonathan's when her grandmother gets sick, but disocvers he is hiding a dark secret. She has long, straight black hair which she considers to be her best feature.
Peter Martin

Abby's ten year old brother. He looks around 6 or 7 instead of ten, and Granny Vee jokes that he eats enough for ten kids. He acts immature, often complaining about the lack of technology in the village or Cranford.
Granny Vee

Abby and Peter's grandmother. She is the only family they have, which is why they are concnered when she falls ill and has to go to the hospital for a few weeks. She also has black hair, but has gray streaks poking through.
Crazy Annie

A woman who warns the kids not to visit Johnathan, telling them horrible things go on there at night. Johnathan tells them that she's a crazy lady that no one takes seriously. She has a tattoo of a bluebird on her neck.

An immortal 2000 year old Egyptian who keeps himself alive by eating the guts of mummies, that he keeps alive with straight black hair. He initially pretends to be Uncle Johnathan and tells the ids stories of his adventurous exploits.

A friend of Tuttan-Rha that is also an immortal Egyptian who keeps herself alive with the help of mummy guts. She is short and plump with rosy cheeks and stringy gray curls for hair.

A cat that belongs to an ancient breed, and was brought to Cranford from Egypt. Sonja says that she doesn't like change. She is a black cat except for a tiny white V on her chest.
Uncle Johnathan

Abby and Peter's real uncle. He showed off pictures of the kids to Tuttan-Rha, which gave him the idea to pose as Johnathan. He tries to get to the kids at night, but he is warded off by bats.

A bunch of mummies that Tuttan-Rha is keeping alive so he can eat their guts and stay alive forever. When Abby frees them, one of the mummies thanks her.

Enter HorrorLand

Character Description
Michael Munroe

One of the Very Special Guests that Abby meets one night. His friends call him "Monster" due to being strong with a bit of a temper. He and Abby get along well but soon find themselves knee deep into the HorrorLand mystery.

The monster workers who work at HorrorLand. One of them offers Abby Skin Rash Syrup, and one named Cody is mistaken for Byron.

A Horror that gives Abby a piece of paper warning her to escape from HorrorLand. He later appears to give them special tokens with images that relate to their adventures.
Carly Beth Caldwell, Matt Daniels, and Robby Schwartz

Three of the Very Special Guests. They invite Abby and Micheal to the Vampire Cafe so they can warn them about what is going on. Robby tells a story about how he met Britney Crosby and Molly Molloy while at the arcade.
Billy and Sheena Deep

Two siblings who are also Very Special Guests.

A Horror that invites the kids to the auditorum to receive their tokens.