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Wheeler Falls is a town featured in the thirty-seventh Goosebumps book, The Headless Ghost.


Duane Comack and Stephanie Alpert live in the town of Wheeler Falls, where they are the self-dubbed "Twin Terrors". Together, the two pull a variety of pranks in an effort to scare the town's residents. Wheeler Falls is mostly uneventful, except for the fact that in it resides Hill House, its biggest and sole tourist attraction. Hill House appears to have made Wheeler Falls quite famous, as Duane says the house has been written about in many books.

Legend has it, the house was built by a sea captain for his wife. When the captain was lost at sea, his wife fled from the house, leaving the captain's spirit to roam the halls. Later, the Craw family moves into the house. Their son, Andrew, stumbles upon the ghost and has his head torn off, becoming the house's newest ghost. 

Tours are given daily at Hill House, in which Duane and Stephanie are regular attendees. Tired of pulling the same old pranks, the two venture into the house, in hopes of finding Andrew's lost head.


The town's named residents include:

  • Duane's family
    • Includes Duane and his parents.
  • Stephanie's family
    • Includes Stephanie and her parents.
  • The Craw family (deceased)
    • Includes Andrew, his sister, Hannah, their mother, and their father, Joseph.
  • Otto
  • Seth
  • Edna
  • Geena Jeffers
  • Terri Abel
  • Ben Fuller
  • Jeremy


Location Reference image
Stephanie's house
While waiting for Stephanie to change into her Halloween costume, Duane stands outside her house. No description is given to her house.
Duane's house
House where Duane lives. No description is given beyond there being a split oak tree in his front yard.
Wheeler Middle School
The school that Duane and Stephanie attend. While no description is given, the school is revealed by Duane to have a basketball team and a Theater Arts Club.
Wheeler Falls' own haunted house. It is here that the majority of the book's plot takes place.
Ben Fuller's house
As the Twin Terrors of Wheeler Falls, Duane and Stephanie love to pull practical jokes on neighbors. One such person is Ben Fuller, a classmate. Ben is scared of bugs, so the two throw fake ones through his window. No description of the house is given.