The following is a list of characters from Werewolf Skin and its television adaptation in order of appearance.


Character Medium Description
Alex Hunter

(Alex Blackwell in TV episode)

Book and TV episode Alex is the book's protagonist and narrator. When his parents are called out of the country on business, Alex has to spend several weeks with his Aunt Colin and Uncle Marta in the town of Wolf Creek around Halloween. An aspiring photographer, Alex hopes to take a picture for a magazine's horror-themed contest. As he explores the town, strange things begin to happen, and the tales of werewolves lurking in the forests of Wolf Creek are beginning to seem less and less like stories.
Bus Driver/Big Edna

Book and TV episode A bus driver who drops Alex off at Wolf Creek. In the episode, the driver is female and named Edna. She tells Alex a story about a headless ghost.
Colin and Marta Hunter

(Colin and Marta Blackwell in TV episode)

Book and TV episode Alex's aunt and uncle. They are a pair of professional photographers. When Alex arrives at Wolf Creek, the two begin to act secretively, laying down ground rules for Alex to follow. One, to not go out after dark. Second, to stay away from the Marlings, one of their neighbors. They seem to know more about the werewolf legends than they let on.
The Marlings

Book and TV episode The Marlings are neighbors of Colin and Marta. Alex is warned to stay away when he gets too close to the house. When strange things begin to happen, all of it seems to lead back to the Marlings, who Alex suspects to be werewolves.

(Hannah Stoneman in TV episode)

Book and TV episode Hannah is another neighbor to Colin and Marta. She is pretty, with black hair and olive-green eyes. Hannah takes Alex on tours around Wolf Creek, telling him all about the local legends.
Sean Kiner

Book and TV episode Sean is a resident of Wolf Creek. He and his friend, Arjun, begin to tease Alex when he arrives at the town. He has straight black hair and dark brown eyes.
Arjun Khosla

Book and TV episode Arjun is a resident of Wolf Creek. He and his friend, Sean, begin to tease Alex when he arrives at the town. Arjun is Indian and seems to believe in the werewolf legends surrounding Wolf Creek.
Mr. Shein

Book and TV episode Mr Shein is a teacher in Wolf Creek. While Alex is temporarily in class, Mr. Shein discusses the werewolf legends. To Alex's surprise, most of his classmates put up their hand when asked if they believe in them. Mr. Shein reveals that werewolves get their power from their skins, which they can put on and take off at will.
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