The following is a list of characters from Welcome to Dead House and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
R.L. Stine

TV Episode R.L. Stine introduces and closes out the episode.
Josh Benson

Book and TV episode Amanda's eleven-year-old brother. He is very impatient and has trouble adjusting to the new house.
Amanda Benson

Book and TV episode The protagonist and narrator. She doesn't like that she had to leave her old house and best friend behind.
Compton Dawes

Book and TV episode The realtor who sells Dead House to the Benson family. He pretends to be alive when the kids attack them but is revealed to be undead as well. He seemingly dies for real after having a halogen flashlight bashed into his head, but appears to be "alive" again in the end, selling the house to a new family.
Jack Benson and Mrs. Benson

Book and TV episode Amanda and Josh's parents. Dad got a call saying his Uncle, whom he had never heard of, died and left him a house in Dark Falls.

Book and TV episode The family dog. He senses that something is off about Dark Falls, and the citizens have him killed because dogs always find out.
Ray Thurston

Book and TV episode One of the first kids Amanda meets in Dark Falls. She sees him in her room, as he is "the watcher", tasked with spying on new arrivals to make sure they don't find out their secret too early

Book Amanda's best friend. She is chubby and fair skinned compared to Amanda. Amanda has a hard time saying goodbye to her.
Karen Somerset

Book and TV Episode A tall girl with blonde hair. She thanks Amanda when she dies. In the episode, Karen and her family pretend to be alive and claim that a wreath is bad luck when it is actually a charm that keeps the zombies out.
George Carpenter

Book and TV Episode A short red haired boy that is in the group of kids Amanda and Josh first meet in Dark Falls.
Jerry Franklin and Bill Gregory

Book and TV Episode (Jerry only) Two more kids in the group Amanda and Josh meet.
Unnamed Family

Book A family that moves into Dead House right after the Benson family starts to leave. Amanda tells one of the boys that she "used to live" in their house.
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