Wade Brill is the protagonist of the seventh Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Revenge R Us. She is the younger sister of Micah Brill.


Wade has spent most of her life being tormented by her older brother, Micah, who takes great pleasure in embarrassing her as much as possible. Wade wants nothing more than to get revenge on him, and finally gets her chance when she comes across an ad for Revenge R Us. Following the address given, Wade ends up at the trailer of a woman named Iris, who promises Wade a chance for revenge through magic. Wade takes the offer and inflicts a curse that will leave Micah with an unending itch.

However, this plan goes awry as Wade wakes up to find her body itching all over. Iris attempts to help her and gives her more chances at payback, but these too go wrong. Eventually, Iris' final spell leads to Micah disappearing from existence. Feeling guilty, Wade begs Iris to bring Micah back. Iris instructs Wade to sneak into the house of her evil sister, Paula and retrieve a crow that will help bring her brother back. However, Wade finds Micah waiting for her at the house. Micah reveals he paid Iris to make the curses turn against Wade. Angry, Wade takes Iris' magic crow and uses it to finally get her proper revenge. Before she can celebrate, Iris tracks her down and says she must be taught a serious lesson for dabbling in magic she doesn't understand. Wade attempts to turn Iris into a frog, but as she wished for four wishes in a day, she is the one turned into a frog.

General information


Wade is determined to get revenge on her brother for the constant torment he's put her through. However, she slowly lets the chance to use magic corrupt her and begins to mindlessly use it for her own amusement.

Physical appearance

Wade is described as skinny, with brownish-blonde hair.

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