Very Special Guests

The Very Special Guests are the children who get strange invitations to HorrorLand for no reason, but then they realize the reason they have been invited is because they have had scary things happen to them that year (except for Lizzy and Luke Morris). Ever since Lizzy and Luke left HorrorLand, the Horrors have been trying to convince them it was all a joke and keep on sending them free invitations. After a full year of refusing, they take up the offer, because they want to know about the strange happenings in HorrorLand. They have heard of living dummies, zombies pirates, weird green slime, some evil masks, crazy supervillains, undead mummies, scaly creatures, creepy cameras, venomous snakes, Inspector Cranium, and the main thing - mirrors. So they decided to use the invitation to check HorrorLand out, but everything turns out for the worst for the Morris'.

List of the Very Special Guests

Other guests invited toHorrorLand:

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