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Veruca Curry is the main antagonist of Horrors of the Witch House, the third arc of the comic series Goosebumps.


She is the youngest female multi-millionaire to come out of Silicon Valley, so she was given a warm welcome when she arrived at the town of Beaver Creek. She bought out the old Whaley House, which was rumored to be haunted. A girl named Rosie and two kids she meets, Becca and Carlos, started to suspect something strange was going on with her. One night they spied on her and saw her using magic to saws and hammers move on their own.

She started getting suspicious for the kids so she brought their prized possessions, such a sock monkey doll, to life to terrorize them. After the kids got rid of them, they want back to Veruca's house and were brought in by a Gargoyle she had brought to life. She explained to them that she plans to use the magical proprieties of the house to power a spell that is stored on electronic Grimoire. Her tech is powered by magic and doesn't consider to be outdated like her grandmother Sarabeth. She planned to control the whole town, which she started to do at a town meeting.

After failing to get the adults to help them, they manage to distract Veruca and destroy her tablet by putting it in a bucket of water. The bucket got spelled on her, which made her melt, killing her. This freed the adults from the spell, but that night evil cackling starts to come from Rosie's tablet, possibly implying Veruca is somehow returning.

General information


She is obsessed with technology to the point where she resents other witches for being so stuck with their old traditions. She likes to refer to herself in the third person when giving a presentation on her plan.


  • She is the first original antagonist to appear in the comic series.