Spongey444 Spongey444 17 July 2020

Stine review update spot

Decided to jump on the band wagon. I do some Stine reviews on my blog, and while not all are Goosebumps, I think most would be interest of you all. So when I do a new one, which is once a month generally, I'll leave a comment linking to it. Gotta get those extra views somehow, eh?

Anyway, this month is a Christmas in July special, Silent Night: https://spongey444.wordpress.com/2020/07/17/fear-street-silent-night/

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Spongey444 Spongey444 29 October 2019

Goosebumps Rewrite: Halloween Book Special

I'm generally just posting the FF.net link to these now in the comments of my latest one, but I think this link deserved a full blog so here it is. Any upcoming ones will be linked on the comments of this one.

Anyway, have four re-writes for the price of one:


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Spongey444 Spongey444 21 July 2019

Goosebumps Rewrite (sort of): Calling All Creeps

Been a while since one of these, eh? Well, I actually have a re-write idea included in my recent review of Revenge R Us ( https://spongey444.wordpress.com/2019/07/19/goosebumps-series-2000-revenge-r-us/ ) so you did get one.

I'm generally not sure on keeping these up but with this one I figured why not because this is a tad different. There's a thread that was made recently discussing headcanons and this is actually something I wanted to share there but I feel like it's something I could discuss here.

Anyway, the book doesn't really explain about where the creeps come from, nor do we know why the commander never showed up. I mean, the bullies/creeps have been there about long enough that it raises questions.

So here's my idea to explain that,…

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Spongey444 Spongey444 10 May 2019

Goosebumps Rewrite: Help! We Have Strange Powers!

About time I did another one of these. This one we're going "modern" with one that I actually do like. However,as I thought about it I found a way to change things up to make it stronger and weed out the parts that don't work. I dig the set up, the villain and the reveal of what's up with Nina and Artie a lot but that stuff could have fleshed out more and the leads could have had less blind hatred.

You can thank ThatRetro for spawning my main idea for this one. He said that he wanted Nina and Artie to be the leads given the actually leads could be but thought that it would be hard to do given the twist. After some thinking, I found a way to fix that...mostly by giving Jillian and Jackson their part of the story.

Hear me out: Okay, so in this…

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Spongey444 Spongey444 1 April 2019

Goosebumps Rewrite: Chicken Chicken

So in popareana's Goosebumps videos, he will suggest ways to fix the book, sometimes even totally re-working them and creating Goosebumps fan fiction. I think it's a fun way to be more constructive, suggesting ways to improve as any story can be good regardless of the concept.

While going through these books for some sweet out of context materiel, I've been thinking of ways to improve some of them, even some I already liked to spruce them a tad. So I've decided some of these with you, showing some ideas I have to improve some of these, and take more advtange of the potential even some of the worst ones had.

Are there better things I can do with my time, and better ways to flex my writing than to improve children's books? Yes.

...Well anyway, …

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