Long time no see, eh?

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In 2001, after the original Goosebumps run had ended, R. L. Stine had begun work on his new series, The Nightmare Room. The new book series had launched alongside its website, (The website has since been taken down, but an archive of it still exists: )

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In the back of these books, there was an advertisement for a short story that was only available on this website. The story, titled “Dead of Night” was never published anywhere else and was lost when the website was taken down.

I was curious about this story so I went hunting. As it turns out, it does actually exist, and you can visit it here: (R. L. Stine even narrates the introduction!)

Unfortunately, something is wrong with the file the story is on which means you can’t scroll down to read it. Fortunately again, I was able to download the file and completely transcribe the story! 

(A chapter of this story was released every week – that's why the chapters are named "Week 1" and so on.)

I would like to note for younger readers of the ChickenPimples encyclopedia that this story is noticeably darker than most of Stine's work, not gory or disgusting, but it's less focused on humor and more on dark horror. Not to drive anyone off; just be warned.

This story has never been published anywhere else except for this website. As far as I’m concerned, it hasn’t seen the light of day in nearly 20 years! ...Until now. (Dun dun dun…)

The full story is on the google doc linked below. Enjoy…

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