recently Stine tweeted:

"I have a confession to make: Slappy doesn't really come to life."

When I read that I was like "wuuuuut".

I have three theories for what happened with stine.

A JOKE? Perhaps Stine was bored and then he thought: Slappy, on the GB movie, doesn't come to life. He is just controlled by a puppeteer.

A SPOILER? Maybe it was a spoiler for I AM SLAPPY'S EVIL TWIN, or another upcoming SlappyWorld book. Like, it was all a dream, or like, if Luke Harrison's dad makes horror movies, maybe Slappy and Snappy doesn't come to life at all. Maybe they have a robotic chip or something that makes Slappy and Snappy walk and talk on their own. And make you scream on their own. You see, maybe that's the twist ending.

A WEIRD THOUGHT? Stine, how many cups of out-of-date Brain Juice did you drink?

What do u guys think? Comment below, I will LOVE to see your opinion!

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