Hey guys, Murder here!

I've been thinking of creating this blog post series where I basically give my opinion about the covers of each Goosebumps series. I don't really know if I want this to continue, so I'm starting with a short series: Goosebumps SlappyWorld!

Cover My opinion Rating
Slappy Birthday to You! (Cover) 001
Slappy Birthday to You
When the SlappyWorld series was announced, I got a little surprised. I liked how Mr. Dorman stopped drawing the "HorrorLand Slappy" and started with this new artstyle. Despite all this, I don't really like the background color, it seems a bit off. Another thing that really annoys me: Slappy's smile looks cute-ish, instead of that creepy-ish smile Tim Jacobus' used to draw for Slappy. I also don't like Slappy's eyes being brown, as green eyes are a lot scarier in my opinion, but that's kind of redundant. I guess my favorite part of the cover is Slappy's clothing. Oh, and the birthday present also looks cool. Meh. Could be much better.
Attack of the Jack (Cover)
Attack of the Jack!

As soon as I saw this, I felt disappointed, as I thought this series' cover design would be different from the Most Wanted design (that one-color background is what I mean). I thought Dorman would only do that for Slappy Birthday to You. I was excited, I expected a pirate ship with cool details, but then, this. Hummmm...

Now talking about the cool things of the cover. I like how Jack's skin looks dirty and scratched. I also like the detail on his clothes.

Cool, I guess.
I Am Slappy's Evil Twin (Cover)
I Am Slappy's Evil Twin
I would like this one a lot more if (similarly to the first cover) Slappy (and Snappy) looked creepier. I like the chair, but that's nearly the only good thing on the cover. Meh again.
Please Don't Feed the Weirdo
Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo
Finally, a great cover! It's not creepy, but I love how the monster's hand appears to be trying to reach the reader. I love the monster's fur. The eyes look super cool, and the cage the monster is in looks even better. There are two things I don't like: The first one is the monster's right hand. It looks too small, kind of disproportionate. The second one is the small chunk of wood below the Weirdo's eyes. It's not really Dorman's fault, but its position makes the monster look like it's smiling. I noticed that a few seconds after I first saw the cover, and now I can't unsee it, which really annoys me. One of the best covers ;-)
Escape from Shudder Mansion (Cover)
Escape from Shudder Mansion
This one's background looks unappealing and a bit ugly. However, I really like that creepy creature, and the door looks cool. Though, I think the cover would look better if that liquid on the floor was more blood-like. Oh, and the candles look pretty nice. Not bad.
The Ghost of Slappy
The Ghost of Slappy
I liked this cover a lot more when it was first revealed than I do now. I really like the color scheme, and Slappy's face looks creepy, but his pose is what makes me dislike the cover. There's not much else to say about this cover. Also a "meh" one (but a cool "meh").
It's Alive! It's Alive! (Cover)
It's Alive! It's Alive!

The cover was finally revealed, and, in a way, it's kind of what I expected. It's cool; I like the detail on Francine's body, and I love how it looks like the robot is trying to connect the cables, almost as it is attempting to grow more powerful. At least this is how I see the cover. It is not my favorite, but it's better than most covers in this series.

Dope. It is like an improved version of the cover of The Creepy Creations of Professor Shock.
The Dummy Meets the Mummy
The Dummy Meets the Mummy
Probably the best cover in this series. As I said earlier in the book's talk page, I like how the background looks less empty, and I really hope Brandon Dorman starts adding more stuff to his artwork. I like the big coffin behind the mummy, and I'm impressed with all the detail Dorman put on its body (the pose, especially). I just think Slappy's head seems kinda weird. Love it!
SlappyWorld! (Logo) 001
Bonus: SlappyWorld logo!

Goosebumps part: I just don't like that it's always the same color, in all books. In the Goosebumps Most Wanted series, the color changed from book to book.

SlappyWorld part: Same as above; it would be pretty cool if the color changed, too. Anyway, I like the font used for it, but, Slappy? What in the Earth are you doing there?? And where is your body??? Cringe cringe cringe.

Super meh.

So, what do you think? 100% agree? Or more like 0%? Give your opinion on the comment section below!

(Also, as this is a new type of blog post to me, feel free to tell me what are your thoughts on this one! Would you like me to continue with this series? I would really appreciate your opinion!

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