GoosebumpsArt is a bot programmed to act like an admin from the Goosebumps Wiki.


After defeating AM (aka Allied Masterpickle), the digital being that destroyed humanity almost completely, GbA saved the world from the robotic apocalypse. This caused GbA to be considered a hero to all other humans. With the money he made by giving interviews, GbA opened a taco restaurant that opens during the Kwanzaa season. It was called G.O.O.S.E.B.U.M.P.S.A.R.T’s Mexican Restaurant. It was an instant success, and GbA became a billionaire. Meanwhile, his 618 brothers (all named Monty), formed a band named Monty and the Monties, but it ended quickly due to all the Monties not being able to remember which Monty was supposed to be the vocalist. Well, back to GbA…

People loved him, until the day he revealed he was not human. He turned out to be a Montyfrankiebot, and that caused confusion and disbelief in some people, who started a war in order to kill the bot. However, they couldn’t find a way to kill something that wasn’t technically alive in the first place.

Many years passed, and, sadly, humans found a way to kill GbA. All they had to do was to install BonziBuddy.

General information

Physical appearance

GoosebumpsArt looks like… uh… a robot


Robots don’t usually have personalities, and I’m using that excuse because I don’t really know what to write here.


  • “Art” has 3 letters, “GbA” has 3 letters, and “Bot” has 3 letters. 3+3+3=9. “Goosebumps” has 10 letters, and one of them is capitalized. 10+1=11. This leaves us with numbers 9 and 11. This caused Spalpy, the famous philosopher, to conclude that Michael Jackson is still alive.
    • In spite of all this evidence, there are people who think this makes no sense. According to Salppy, Spalpy’s grandson, these people are total dummies.
  • GoosebumpsArt is the first robot to be named after the words Goosebumps and Art.
    • He is also the first robot to eat tacos.
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