So now that the Lizard of Oz came and gone, and SlappyWorld's taking over now with it's oversaturation of "everybody's favorite dummy" as the host, it's obvious that Most Wanted is through. And if you asked me, while it started out promising with the non-sequitor and utter barrage of head scratching moments that was Planet of the Lawn Gnomes and the welcoming alteration from the Living Dummy formula that Son of Slappy offered, it's somewhat disappointing that it ended with a whimper from the last story. Overall, Most Wanted is what I'd consider a very hit-and-miss series. When hits, it sticks with you and keeps you invested throughout the entire story. But when it misses, boy does it miss (*cough*Frankenstein's Dog*cough*). It also introduced a lot of original villians and monsters, which isn't a problem, but I can't help but to feel bummed that familiar faces such as The Camera, Darkfall's citizens, Captain Long Ben One-Leg, and Monster Blood weren't chosen to feature in another full length adventure.

But I'd like to hear from you guys though. Did you like Most Wanted, have any favorite (or hated) stories from the series, or maybe even thought a certain villain should've got the chance to reappear?

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