Very recently, I have bought the Goosebumps VHS tapes, and after watching them many times, I felt that i should give my opinions on them. 

The Haunted Mask: A classic episode, and no doubt the best episode. With very creepy atmosphere, and great climax, and very good acting. It's one I'll definatley be watching every Halloween

A Night in Terror Tower: A great change of pace from the regular Goosebumps formula. The sets are very great, the main characters are very enjoyable, and I really enjoy the music in the episode . Very great episode.

Stay Out of the Basement: Love the creepy scenes in the basement, and the Dad is very creepy in the episode. A great watch indeed.

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp: Great characters, with the exepcition of the very annoying Emily, and I love the Climax with the werewold chasing everyone.

The Haunted Mask II: Good sequel to a great story, with a great main character, and it's very nice to see all of the characters once again, even if not all the actors returned.

Welcome to Dead House: Creepy atmosphere, and once again, I love the final 10 minutes. Great episode.

Night of the Living Dummy III: Great episode, great characters, and great climax. probably one of my favorite episodes.

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