I’m back after a while and I got some more stuff. It took my local thrift store a while to restock on Goosebumps (and this new movie might make book stocks dwindle again) but I was finally able to get some new books for the collection!

- Monster Survival Guide - Attack of the Mutant (1st reprint) - Night of the Puppet People - Ghost Beach (Classic Goosebumps) - Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls (Classic Goosebumps) - Please Don’t Feed the Weirdo

It’s great to finally have some new additions. Hopefully I can get my hands on the new haunted mask ok replica and the new movie novel. But for right now...Stay Scary!

(Also be sure to check out my goosebumps videos on YouTube!)

(And I also got to talk with Goosebumps Aussie fan! A lot has happened lately)

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