I'm very excited for Goosebumps Horrorland, that I've been thinking about what the plot could (or should) be. Here's what I think:

(Taking place after the end of the First movie) Zach, Hannah, and Champ are very releived that their monster adventure is over. Zach soon finds out that his cousin, Shawn (an aspiring horror writer) has come to stay the weekend with him and his Mom. With Stine out of town for a teacher's meeting, The kids decide to hang out at the amusment park in the woods, along with their new friend, Sam. The next night, the kids go back to the amusment park, but find that something is very different. Instead of the old rustic park, there is now a giant theme park in the middle of the woods, with a giant sign saying "Welcome to HorrorLand, where your Nightmares come to Life!" The kids decide to check it out, and find that the park runners look like monsters, said to be called the Horrors, and the rides seem different from normal rides. But soon they realize that everything in Horrorland is very Dangerous, and that the park runners are actual monsters. Unknown to the kids, this was all a trap devised by Slappy, who (with the help of Brent Green) has once again been released from his prison, summoned and took over HorrorLand, and has kidnapped Stine. (Using the teachers meeting setup as a cover) And now with Stine and the kids in his hands, he plans to finally exact his revenge once and for all. Now its up to Zach, Hannah, Champ, Shawn, and Sam to save Stine, Defeat Slappy, and escape from the Horrifying Theme park.

What do you think? Keep in mind, this isn't the real plot, this is just what I think the movie COULD be plot-wise. But if this was the plot, it would be very awesome. 

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