Make your own Haunted Mask

(This is the mask in the book #4 Horroland (The Screem of the Haunted Mask))

Supplies Needed

  1. Plaster cloth or plaster bandages
  2. Vaseline
  3. Plastic Wrap
  4. Paint, Markers,Buttons, Crafty Objects etc.
  5. Stapler or Crazy Glue


  1. Cut the plaster cloth or plaster bandages (which can be found easily online but may also be at your local drug store or arts and crafts storE) into 1x4 inch long strips.
  2. Apply Vaseline over your entire face. Have an adult cover your hair with plastic wrap and then cover the plastic with Vaseline. Make sure the plastic covers only your hair and is not on your skin. Lean back in a chair so you face the ceilling.
  3. Have an adult dip the strips into water and mold them onto your face, strip by strip, making sure to mold the strips tightly to your face and tightly together. (Leave oppenings around your eyes, nostrills, and mouth so  you can see and breathe.
  4. Build 3 layers onto your face with plaster cloth or plaster bandages.
  5. Let the mask dry on your face for about 20 minutes. This may be a good time to sing Halloween favorites like Addams family theme or "The Monster Mash" to pass the time.
  6. Make funny faces to lossen the mask from your face, then have yur adult helper peel the mask off slwly and carefully.
  7. Let the mask dry over night.
  8. The next day, cut the additinal stripes of plaster cloth or plaster bandages, dip them in water, and add them in water, and add them to the mask to create funny features. Build a crazy looking nose, give yourself huge ears,horns or a long toungue. Remember to build up a few layers to make it strong. then let it dry verninght again.
  9. Add character to your mask! Paint it with pster,acrylic, or polyurethane  painy. Use markers to add creapy details: wart, scars wtc. Glue stripes of yarn for hair use your imagination and don't forget to fright!
  10. Staple or Crazy Glue yarn to either side of the inside of the mask at ear level. Have an adult help you tie and tighten the strings behind your head so it's tight enough to sit on your ears and keep the mask on, but not tight enough to make it hard for you to take off. Remember, you don't want to suffer the same as Carly Beth!