So I know I have absent to the wiki for a while but it's because ever since I kept failing my 2-week editing streak for a badge so I just gave up and maybe tried again later but that didn't mean I took a break from goosebumps. I even made REAL LIFE Monster Blood, Finished reading 'How I Learned to Fly', Print out Goosebumps Colouring Pages and coloured them and just got the book 'Beware, the Snowman'. And since it's the night before Christmas, I made a song as a gift for you to sing to friends or family (just give me some credit)


                                                           We Wish You A Scary Christmas

                                                           We Wish You A Scary Christmas 

                                              We Wish You A Scary Christmas And A Slappy New Year!

                                                       Good Frightings We Bring To You And Your Kin

                                              Good Frightings For Christmas And A Slappy New Year!


                                                                                                                       -Scary Christmas To All, And

                                                                                                                             To All A Good Fright!                        



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