It's not really a secret but I found a way to go the goosebumps on the web' site from the 90's. Just go to you go to the site go to the search bar and type in click browse history. then just below the search bar, you'll see a row of square bar's. on the top bar, there will be the words ' highlighted in blue and then click on the word's and it'll take you to another site. then once you see a list of year's go to the farthest left then click on 1996. then go down and it'll show you a calendar. go to November then click number 14 which is highlighted blue.then when you're on the scholastic site look at the small square bar in the middle right that says free stuff for kids then click on Goosebumps. And there's one small thing to do. IT'S NOTHING! because you're already there. congrats you can now click on the bug icons below and explore the ancient site.

If this doesn't work for you then try it again differently and if it still does not work then I apologize for my lack of detail and I make another blog about with more detail.  

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