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    Its My Birthday

    February 20, 2019 by Goosebumpsgeek

    Just Pointing it out

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  • Goosebumpsgeek

    The past 2 blogs I made was me telling you that I'm back but now I'm actually gonna stay active on the wiki. So a week after I made "Slappy new year!' my computer stopped working and a few days after that the WIFI was gone for a week so I couldn't use any other device. But no my computer works and my WIFI's back so I'll try my best to stay active. Also, my Birthdays Coming in the 19th.    

                                                           Heres a Goosebumps poem I just made up:

                                                                    Alex Hunter a photograph freak

                                                                    Hanging out here in Wolf Creek

                                                                 He never knew …

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  • Goosebumpsgeek

    Slappy New Year!

    January 4, 2019 by Goosebumpsgeek

    I haven't been active on this wiki since last year so I decided to make another blog just to say slappy new year. since one of my resolutions were to be on this wiki more often so just sayin Slappy New Year! 2019 Is Gonna Be A Scream!!

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    December 25, 2018 by Goosebumpsgeek

    So I know I have absent to the wiki for a while but it's because ever since I kept failing my 2-week editing streak for a badge so I just gave up and maybe tried again later but that didn't mean I took a break from goosebumps. I even made REAL LIFE Monster Blood, Finished reading 'How I Learned to Fly', Print out Goosebumps Colouring Pages and coloured them and just got the book 'Beware, the Snowman'. And since it's the night before Christmas, I made a song as a gift for you to sing to friends or family (just give me some credit)


                                                               We Wish You A Scary Christmas


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  • Goosebumpsgeek

    I am currently reading Escape from Shudder Mansion and it's awesome. So I looked around the internet and found a game just like the Escape from Shudder Mansion game. It has skeletons, ghost, and a spooky mansion. So if you read and liked the book then i suggest playing the game;It makes you feel like your really in the book. Here's the link, credit to

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