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On April 9th, 2016, the name "GoosebumpsArt" was born. All I wanted to do was update the low-quality images on this wiki with some higher quality art. The first thing I updated was Yy.jpg, uploading a better quality scan of the Earth Geeks Must Go! cover. How was I to know what that would lead to?

Four years and roughly 18,000 edits later... It sounds absurd in retrospect, but those are the numbers. (In that time, the longest break I've taken was only a month!) I was in such a different place in my life four years ago, it's dizzying to think about. Meanwhile, scrolling through the pages on this wiki instantly rekindles old memories. Let me tell you, I've cherished my time here.

I can't deny that there have been a few unpleasant moments. I only truly regret being too snappy with users who meant well.

However, I've had far more proud moments. Getting to have conversations with Tim Jacobus, Mark Nagata, and Craig White ⁠— some of my heroes. Discovering lost material. Creating memes, collages, and photo edits galore! (...Maybe I managed to stay true to my username after all these years.)

I've spent a lot of my time on this wiki, and I'm happy with my contributions. But it's important to remember that this wiki has never been my life. I'd like to think of it as one outlet for my creativity. Like with any project, though, there comes a time when it feels appropriate to "move on." Generally, I have a tendency to be a bit too obsessive about my work, the reason why I can be so nitpicky! I see "moving on" as an opportunity to be more proactive ⁠— rather than retroactive.

I wanted to be forthright with you.

I'm retiring.

Let me be clear, though. I am not deactivating my account. Nor will I be deleting my work or demoting myself. Put simply, I will stop actively checking the recent activity feed, updating the homepage, or making general edits.

So what will I be doing? First off, I'll probably keep checking my messages for a while. Then, in the future, if I discover something interesting about the Goosebumps franchise, I will still do my best to report back to you guys. Furthermore, I've connected my email to my phone, so you have a fairly good chance of contacting me if you really need to. (Please be considerate when using this function, though. Don't use it for basic formatting requests. If there is an emergency ⁠— or maybe you just want to talk with me specifically ⁠— I'll try my best to respond.) I'll probably also be around on Reddit. Perhaps, I could even come out of retirement if the urge strikes.

Getting to know you all has been an honor and a pleasure. Isaiah, Nick, BananaMan, Mikel, ThatRetro, Thomas, and SharkBud come to mind, but there are so many more! Some active. Some inactive. I'd like to especially thank Goddy and Murder, who have been more than nice to me throughout the years.

Hopefully, I'll never be too difficult to reach. ♫ We'll meet again ♫ and whatnot. Or maybe some of you never wanna think of me again! That's cool, too. Regardless. Stay spooky, and may the rattling spirit of creativity never leave you.