Oh, hello!

It may surprise you to learn that I am not actually who you think I am. Despite what your puny screens display, I'm not the admin you all know! (What was his name? GodBlessAmerica or something?) No. I'm someone far more sinister.

Ghost. Granny.

It's true.

You're beloved admin... GameBoyAdvance (or whatever) can't save you. He couldn't even save himself. He was worn thin by hours of working on some silly art project (among other boobery). Little did he know, he was putting himself in the perfect mental state for possession. But you need not fear. I wouldn't even hurt a fly! Your Nintendo friend will be back tomorrow.


Until then, I will have to assume his duties. Performing them with the deftness only a granny could have. I suppose that means I should share the collage he toiled long and hard on.


If he were here today, I'm sure he'd say he was proud of you. Or something corny like that.

Love, Granny.
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