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A lot of my efforts lately have been centered around "future proofing" this wiki. Since the franchise is still expanding steadily, I want to make sure the wiki stays easy to interpret for as long as possible.

The other admins and I had a lengthy discussion about what is "canon" for the franchise. Ultimately, the franchise has a malleable canon; in other words, things get changed all the time. You may find yourself confused on how to prioritize all the information you've found; this blog is designed to give insight into what to do.

How should media be prioritized?

The "canon" / "non-canon" debate is over. From now on, on character (or object) pages, we'll informally sort all media into major appearances or minor appearances. These descriptors don't refer to the length or quality of a given appearance; instead, it refers to...

  • A "major appearance" includes (1) any books, (2) television episodes, (3) films, or (4) whatever piece of media the character/object originally appeared in.
  • A "minor appearance" is basically any other type of media.

What's the reason for this change?

Books + TV episodes + films are considered "major" because they are the media that "minor" appearances are based on. Meanwhile, "minor" appearances are plentiful, can differ greatly, and don't often influence other media.

What does this look like on articles?

The major/minor divide will impact character (or object) pages the most. Here's a quick list of changes:

  1. Infoboxes should only include images/information from major appearances.
    • If no major images can be found, the infobox may include an image from a one piece of merchandise or one international illustration. These are the only exceptions.
    • Any information/images from minor appearances belongs elsewhere. (For example, the image of Amaz-O from a live performance belongs in a gallery rather than the infobox.)
  2. Creating a gallery for a single minor appearance can sometimes take up an excessive amount of room on a small page. Plus, that information might fit better elsewhere. Do not create an entire "Gallery" section if all of the following are true: (1) If the gallery features images from only one minor piece of media, (2) if the minor piece of media has a character subpage, and (3) a description and image of the character-in-question is featured on the subpage.
  3. All information regarding minor appearances should exclusively go in the "Other media" section, and images from minor appearances should be exclusively added to the "Gallery" section.
    • Minor appearances shouldn't be mentioned in a page's intro, nor should there be any sections named after them.
    • New information introduced in minor appearances should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, if a video game "reveals" a character has a full name, we shouldn't rename the page. As stated earlier, new info goes exclusively in the "Other media" section.
  4. For the sake of simplicity, the "Latest appearance" row in the infobox will be removed. Often, it's less accurate than the "List of appearances" section, and it requires continual upkeep.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if this blog seemed longwinded! Feel free to drop any questions below. :)