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    Spoilers ahead.

    The ending of Go Eat Worms! ⁠is easily the most memorable part of the book, right? The protagonist is attacked by a giant butterfly that's wielding a comically massive pin, presumably to avenge its pinned brethren.

    The problem is, I've heard nearly the exact same ending elsewhere.

    This idea has been bugging me (nyuk nyuk nyuk) for a while, but only recently have I found motivation to crack the case of ⁠(what I like to call) the "big bug revenge" trope.

    A few years back, I picked up a book called Super 3-Minute Thrillers (1996) by Eric Elfman. The story "Beetle Mania" (nyuk nyuk nyuk) caught my attention. The story is about a man who likes collecting and torturing bugs. In a surprisingly brutal scene at the end of the story, the "p…

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    On April 9th, 2016, the name "GoosebumpsArt" was born. All I wanted to do was update the low-quality images on this wiki with some higher quality art. The first thing I updated was Yy.jpg, uploading a better quality scan of the Earth Geeks Must Go! cover. How was I to know what that would lead to?

    Four years and roughly 18,000 edits later... It sounds absurd in retrospect, but those are the numbers. (In that time, the longest break I've taken was only a month!) I was in such a different place in my life four years ago, it's dizzying to think about. Meanwhile, scrolling through the pages on this wiki instantly rekindles old memories. Let me tell you, I've cherished my time here.

    I can't deny that there have been a few unpleasant moments. I only …

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    It's almost Halloween!

    Well, Halloween is a little over a month away. But that's still worth celebrating. And I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by creating a new avatar! It's definitely my creepiest doodle yet:

    (Inspired by Jacobus's Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls.)

    Poor guy is missing a jaw! Speaking of missing, that GbA fellow sure has been editing less lately. He's probably been busy. And stressed. He probably hopes everyone is doing well and would wish everyone a safe and spooky October.

    (For some reason, my computer keeps messing up the compression and colors. Will fix soon! This may be as good as it gets.)

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    I don't know SharkBud's real name, so I'mma ad lib... Jackothy.


    Young Jackothy screamed a terrible scream of screaming terror. Gnarled fangs protruded from the beastly face opposing him. The creature, one of gargantuan size, looked hungry enough to eat a horse, and it was getting closer. Unfortunately, humans are roughly horse sized, and Jackothy was a human. The hulking Goliathan let out a menacing Arooga! and pounced. The ferocious fuzzy-wuzzy gobbled Jackothy into nothingness.


    Suddenly, Jackothy was awake. 'Twas but a dream! Jackothy felt afraid, but mostly cheated. Like he'd been lied to for an unnecessary period of time.

    Slowly, a horrifying realization gripped Jackothy's brain. He wasn't in his own bed! He was in an unknown room. And the…

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    Oh, hello!

    It may surprise you to learn that I am not actually who you think I am. Despite what your puny screens display, I'm not the admin you all know! (What was his name? GodBlessAmerica or something?) No. I'm someone far more sinister.

    Ghost. Granny.

    It's true.

    You're beloved admin... GameBoyAdvance (or whatever) can't save you. He couldn't even save himself. He was worn thin by hours of working on some silly art project (among other boobery). Little did he know, he was putting himself in the perfect mental state for possession. But you need not fear. I wouldn't even hurt a fly! Your Nintendo friend will be back tomorrow.


    Until then, I will have to assume his duties. Performing them with the deftness only a granny could have. I su…

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