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    At about 8PM on Nov. 18th, I was channel surfing, Nothing good on Saturday as usual! I thought, but oh boy I was wrong, because I saw that the movie channel FXX was playing Goosebumps, and I was like It's about freakin time! Because since 2016, I was wondering why TV wasn't playing the movie, but they were playing all the other movies from 2015, but now they are! I already own the movie on Blu-Ray, but I stopped by anyway.

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    Here are some images of Slappy's funny twin brother, Salppy, It's Salppy's Revenge:

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    I found this at my local mall's calendar shop, it's a Goosebumps card game! I didn't know this existed, It's not on the wiki, so I made a pretty awesome discovery didn't I?

    It looks like fun too.

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    Now, Slappy Birthday to You was okay, Attack of the Jack was silly, but this book, this was awesome!


    • The setting
    • Luke being an okay protagonist
    • Snappy and Slappy's teamwork
    • Mr. Wood's return in the prologue
    • We go deeper in the dummies origins

    Cons: I can't really think of anything.


    I think this is the best book in the Slappy world series, and this book is ranked #3 on the top 10 Slappy books, here's the update:

    • #10: Son of Slappy
    • #9: Slappy Birthday to You
    • #8: Bride of the Living Dummy
    • #7: Slappy New Year!
    • #6: Slappy's Nightmare
    • #5: Revenge of the Living Dummy
    • #4: Night of the Living Dummy III
    • #3: I Am Slappy's Evil Twin
    • #2: Night of the Living Dummy
    • #1: Night of the Living Dummy II

    So here are my rankings of the 3 SlappyWorld books:

    • Slappy Bi…

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    7 years: Slappy New Year! (2010)

    18 years: Slappy's Nightmare (1999)

    19 years: Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls (1998)

    20 years: I Live in Your Basement! (1997)

    21 years: Vampire Breath (1996)

    22 years: The Headless Ghost (1995)

    23 years: Attack of the Mutant (1994)

    24 years: Piano Lessons Can Be Murder (1993)

    25 years: Say Cheese and Die! (1992)

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