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    My opinion of the ranking of the Goosebumps episodes from worst to best.

    • 56: Strained Peas
    • 55: Say Cheese and Die - Again!
    • 54: Don't Go to Sleep
    • 53: Ghost Beach
    • 52: My Hairiest Adventure
    • 51: The Barking Ghost
    • 50: Cry of the Cat
    • 49: Perfect School
    • 48: Shocker on Shock Street

    • 47: Chillogy
    • 46: The Haunted House Game
    • 45: Bride of the Living Dummy
    • 44: Deep Trouble II
    • 43: My Best Friend is Invisible
    • 42: Teacher's Pet
    • 41: Bad Hare Day
    • 40: Go Eat Worms
    • 39: The House of No Return
    • 38: Awesome Ants
    • 37: Click
    • 36: Vampire Breath

    • 35: An Old Story
    • 34: Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
    • 33: Attack of the Mutant
    • 32: Phantom of the Auditorium
    • 31: Let's Get Invisible

    • 30: Calling All Creeps
    • 29: It Came from Beneath the Sink
    • 28: Werewolf Skin
    • 27: Return of the Mummy
    • 26: The Blob That Ate Everyone
    • 2…

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    The new Classic Goosebumps covers are here, and, eh...

    On the new cover, the ghost is sliding on the stair rail like it's a skateboard or a surfboard, so I guess he was a cool kid? Deal with it, eh, it's too goofy.

    It just looks like how Dorman draws The Haunted Mask except gave it hair, and made it look slightly ugly, it doesn't look like that on the original.

    Slappy looks good, but what the heck is with Mary Ellen? She looks like a Garbage Pail Kid! The red textures are nice though.

    The pumpkin looks good, I guess, but I don't care for the color scheme that was used for Welcome to Camp Nightmare.

    All though there are some things I like, these new covers are kinda disappointing, although, if these are tie ins to Goosebumps: Haunted Hallowee…

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    One of my Birthday gifts is a DVD copy of The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, it came with this Goosebumps book checklist, but look closely, you'll see the misprint.

    Stay Out of the Basement uses The Headless Ghost artwork!

    That's freaking funny if you ask me.

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    I am having a blast, my birthday is a real scream!

    There I am with my Pinhead and Tall Man action figure, and later today, I'm going to pick up a DVD copy of The Werewolf of Fever Swamp that I saw at my local mall's video store, along with this awesome Mega Man energy drink, can't wait to try it, also going to see if my bookstore has any more R.L. Stine books and Hellraiser Comic books, and to top it all off, I have an amazing Super Mario Birthday cake, it looks delicious, but I'm a little iffy about eating Mario, lol.

    So far, very awesome and Scary!😈

    Slappy Birthday to Me! 🎂

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby
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