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    Maybe I'm bored, but here it is, every Goosebumps book ranked!

    NOTE: I'm not including the spin-offs.

    • 132: Chicken Chicken
    • 131: Fright Camp
    • 130: Scream School
    • 129: Legend of the Lost Legend
    • 128: The Barking Ghost
    • 127: Don't Go To Sleep
    • 126: Dr. Maniac Will See you Now
    • 125: Say Cheese and Die - Again!
    • 124: Are You Terrified Yet?
    • 123: Monster Blood for Breakfast!
    • 122: Who's Your Mummy?
    • 121: Go Eat Worms
    • 120: Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid!
    • 119: Invasion of the Body Squeezers Part 1
    • 118: Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz
    • 117: Creature Teacher: The Final Exam
    • 116: Welcome to Camp Slither
    • 115: Beware, The Snowman
    • 114: Full Moon Fever
    • 113: The Mummy Walks
    • 112: Frankenstein's Dog
    • 111: I Am your Evil Twin
    • 110: Monster Blood IV
    • 109: My Friends Call Me Monster
    • 108: My Hairiest Adve…
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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    As you know, I got Slappy back in March, but today, I got The Haunted Mask, and it looks so awesome! Unfortunately, I tried on the mask, and it doesn't fit me, oh well, it would've sticked to my face anyway!

    So awesome, these will go great for my collection!

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    I think that plot we got on the Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween page may be legit, because on instagram, the cast have revealed a few character names.

    Madison Iseman's character is named Sarah Quinn

    Jeremy Ray Taylor plays her younger brother, Sonny Quinn

    Caleel Harris plays Sonny's best friend Sam Carter

    And Wendi McLendon-Covey plays Sarah and Sonny's mother, Kathy Quinn.

    Alright, we got four names so far, soon it will be time to make articles for them.

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    I don't know, it coule be just me, but in Goosebumps HorrorTown, they make Mrs. Maaargh have a crush on Mr. Mortman, which is kind of hilarious considering they're both monsters who eat children, but it could be just me, I see it.

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  • Final Fantasy Kirby

    My favorite Goosebumps covers, the 10 scariest in my opinion.

    • #10: Jekyll and Heidi

    Not only is it one of my favorite Series 2000 books, it also has a neat cover, even though this monster isn't in the book, it still looks scary.

    • #9: Ghost Beach: That ghost looks like Death! I love it!
    • #8: The Barking Ghost: Despite this book being one of my least favorite Goosebumps books, the cover is a different story, that dog is terrifying, I was afraid of this artwork when I was 8 years old.
    • #7: The Blob That Ate Everyone: This is a terrifying scene, a blob eating all the cars, my friends made a joke saying that what's happening on the cover is going to happen tomorrow.
    • #6: The Haunter: Gray, orange, it's a nightmare come true! The Haunter itself is pretty…
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