My favorite Goosebumps covers, the 10 scariest in my opinion.

Not only is it one of my favorite Series 2000 books, it also has a neat cover, even though this monster isn't in the book, it still looks scary.

  • #9: Ghost Beach:
    Ghost Beach - artwork
    That ghost looks like Death! I love it!
  • #8: The Barking Ghost:
    The Barking Ghost - artwork
    Despite this book being one of my least favorite Goosebumps books, the cover is a different story, that dog is terrifying, I was afraid of this artwork when I was 8 years old.
  • #7: The Blob That Ate Everyone:
    The Blob That Ate Everyone - artwork
    This is a terrifying scene, a blob eating all the cars, my friends made a joke saying that what's happening on the cover is going to happen tomorrow.
  • #6: The Haunter:
    Gray, orange, it's a nightmare come true! The Haunter itself is pretty spooky, with it's eyes, and his nails.
  • #5: Say Cheese and Die!:
    A family of skeletons in the photo, creepy, and when I was younger, I always thought that red backdrop was blood.
  • #4: The Haunted Mask (book):
    Not only is this the scariest book, but it has such a neat cover, I love the Mask looks.
  • #2: Night of the Living Dummy:
    Night of the Living Dummy - artwork
    Out if all the Living Dummy books, the first one is the best, once you see Slappy on this cover, you may see him in your nightmares!
  • #1: The Curse of Camp Cold Lake:
    This has got to be the most disturbing Goosebumps cover ever in my opinion, a skeleton with eyes peaking out of the water, can you imagine seeing this? Totally nightmare fuel!

Well there you have it! My top 10 favorite Goosebumps covers! Hope you enjoyed this!

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