You know how Goosebumps HorrorLand had companion reissues of books from the original series? Well, some companion reissue match-up just didn't make sense. Hears a list of ones I think make sense.

Bold indicates an existing match-up.

  • Revenge of the Living Dummy - Night of the Living Dummy
  • Creep From The Deep - Deep Trouble
  • Monster Blood For Breakfast! - Monster Blood
  • Scream of the Haunted Mask - The Haunted Mask
  • Dr. Maniac Vs. Robby Schwartz - The Blob That Ate Anyone (Due to the main characters' stories coming to life and stuff)
  • Who's Your Mummy? - Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
  • My Friends Call Me Monster - Egg Monsters From Mars (Due to the whole egg thing in both books)
  • Say Cheese And Die Screaming! - Say Cheese And Die!
  • Welcome To Camp Slither - Welcome To Camp Nightmare (Due to the similarities with the titles and the camp theme)
  • Help! We Have Strange Powers! - Be Careful What You Wish For (Due to the magic in both books and the similarities with the covers)
  • Escape From HorrorLand - One Day At HorrorLand (Well, duh!)
  • Streets of Panic Park - Let's Get Invisible! (Due to the whole thing with the mirrors)
  • When The Ghost Dog Howls - The Barking Ghost (Due to the ghost dog thing in both books)
  • Little Shop of Hamsters - Monster Blood II (Due to the whole thing with the evil hamsters in both books)
  • Heads, You Lose! - The Headless Ghost (Due to both books containing a headless ghost)
  • Weirdo Halloween - Attack of the Jack-'O-Lanterns (Due to the alien thing in both books and the Halloween themes)
  • Wizard of Ooze - Attack of the Mutant (Due to the main character's favorite comic book villain coming to life in both books)
  • Slappy New Year! - Night of the Living Dummy II (Due to both books featuring Slappy as the antagonist)
  • The Horror At Chiller House - How I Got My Shrunken Head (Due to the whole souvenir thingy in both books)
  • Claws! - Chicken, Chicken (One word: ANIMALS!)
  • Night of the Giant Everything - Monster Blood III (Due to the main characters changing size)
  • The Five Masks of Dr. Screem - The Haunted Mask II (Due to the magic halloween masks in both books)
  • Why I Quit Zombie School - The Haunted School (Due to the evil schools in both books) or Welcome to Dead House (Due to the zombies in both books)
  • Don't Scream! - I Live In Your Basement! (Due to a strange person communicating with/freaking out the main character)
  • The Birthday Party Of No Return - The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom (Due to the fact both books have birthday parties in them and the similarities in the titles of both books)

So, what do ya think?

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