It seems sometimes Goosebumps gets a little lost in translation...

I've compiled the weirdest and wackiest foreign tiles of original series Goosebumps books. See if you can guess the original books that match the foreign titles. And remember, sometimes the same book can appear twice...


  1. Is There Anyone in the Dark... 
  2. Prisoners of a Spell
  3. Total Metamorphosis
  4. It Continues to Grow
  5. Every Man for Himself
  6. Message to All the Dreadful
  7. A Peculiar Day
  8. The Phantom of Side
  9. The Mystery of the Crazy Scientist
  10. To the Monster! To the Monster!
  11. The Terror of the Abysses
  12. Creepy Revenge
  13. A Tragic Experiment
  14. A Monster on Vacation
  15. Threat in the Mud (NOT You Can't Scare Me!)
  16. Cursed School Arts
  17. Human Hunter Blach
  18. Ghost Ghost (???)


  1. I live in Your Basement!
  2. Chicken Chicken
  3. Calling All Creeps
  4. Monster Blood II
  5. The Beast from the East
  6. Calling All Creeps
  7. One Day At HorrorLand
  8. The Ghost Next Door
  9. Stay Out of the Basement
  10. The Girl who Cried Monster
  11. Deep Trouble
  12. Go Eat Worms!
  13. My Hariest Adventure
  14. The Horror at Camp Jellyjam
  15. How to Kill a Monster
  16. Phantom of the Auditorium
  17. The Blob that Ate Everyone
  18. Ghost Camp
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