1. 5. You can’t scare me. This one is underrated in my opinion. I get it, it’s not really scary. It’s about a very intelligent girl who talks a monsters head off.
  1. 4. The Haunted Mask. I love the entire story of Carly Beth and her getting revenge on her bullies. The first one is better than the second one.
  1. 3. Werewolf Of Fever Swamp. This is number 3 because I just absolutely love werewolves.
  1. 2. Night Of The Living Dummy III. I think slappy is very creepy in this episode. Also the fact that he has a bodyguard named ‘Rocky’,
  1. 1. My hairiest adventure. I chose this for my number 1 spot because it was my very first episode. Kind of a cheesy story, but still great nonetheless.
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