Okay, guys I have something to tell ya but please don't die or have a heart attack after I tell you this:

My neighbor is Dylan Minnette.

Okay, not really my neighbor, but he still lives in the city I live: Las Vegas.

Here's the story: In school, we were supposed to look for kids that, for example, had rode a pony, or jump bungee, or have a neat toy, and stuff like that. Well, I was supossed to look for a person that had met someone famous.

I found this girl called Joey Minnette. I asked her if she knew someone famous, and she said yes. When I asked her who was this famous person, she told me that was a main character of the Goosebumps Movie: Dylan Minnette. I couldn't believe what she told me. The best actor of the Goosebumps Movie (Sorry Jack Black, Odeya Rush and Ryan Lee), living in las Vegas?!!!

I looked in internet, and yes, it's true: He lives in Las Vegas with one of his parents, a step-parent, and his step sister, named Joey.

So, I'm thinking of going to his house and making an interview about his relationship with Odeya and about Goosebumps Movie 2

What do you say?

If any of you wants to see Minnette, you r welcome to come to Las Vegas ;3

Well, that's all, guys


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