Hi, in this blog I'll be listing my top 10 strange goosebumps monsters. I'm afraid I won't be listing the best weird villains, the iconic and terrifying gummy bears - sorry dedicated gummy fans, Dimensionshark and Goddy! Oh, by the way, I'll be using my own fan art for all these characters.


Number 10:                  Monster Blood
Drawing (30)
Personally I thought the idea of a can of toy slime being a monster pretty weird to start with, let alone the author thinking that it deserved five books.

Number 9:                         Beasts
Drawing (32)

Meh, I didn't really care for their book, they're okay, but a little weird.

Number 8:                            Tuttan-Rha      

Just weird and disgusting to be honest.

Number 7:                      Mirror Crab

Need I say more?            
Ghost in the Mirror - French Cover (Ver. 2)


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