Hi ghouls! Here is my top ten favourite Goosebumps Covers turned into Horror Film Posters! Check out the list...

Rate each out of five in the comments:

(by the way, this was uploaded on Friday the 13th)

A Nightmare on Clown Street kindlephoto-3605985369

Pennywise enters the world of Freddy Kreuger

Nightofthelivingdummy3-classicgoosebumps kindlephoto-3605950544

This kinda reminds me of the Shining.

Nightofthelivingdummy-classicreprint kindlephoto-3605924591

What's up with his chin?

Gb hh12 kindlephoto-3604379746

Right. That horse is on fire, and Slappy is made out of wood...shouldn't he be a burning pile of ash by now?

Thecuckooclockofdoom-reprint kindlephoto-3606005771

If Annabelle was a cuckoo.

The Horror at chiller house kindlephoto-3605969272

<Cue horror music>

Gb hh08 kindlephoto-3604363091

Okay...when did Curly get a shave?

Carnival of Horrors kindlephoto-3604333875

Holy cow... WHAT IS THAT?!

I Am Slappy&#039;s Evil Twin kindlephoto-3604275955

The New Saw

Gb hh09 kindlephoto-3604307479

I dunno. A snake eats someone?

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