Hey people of Goosebumps Wikia! (also known as @Nickthedummy) Ari Hauntington is back for another blog and no this time I'm not telling you people about something in goosebumps confusing me and then @Nickthedummy answering my question instead I was thinking of who my favorite character was from the Goosebumps movie I know champ was not my favorite for some strange reason and I quote from R.L. Stein (also known as Jack Black) allot but I really think my favorite characters are the couple Zach Cooper and Hannah Fairchild (or Hannah Stein whatever you guys call her) I have no idea why I like them it's weird...but anyway I want to know what the other people think of the goosebumps movie or if their family members liked it (mine didn't seem like they did) I just told you mine who are yours and your family members? (If they saw the movie)

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