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About Me

I am a teenager from South Dakota that loves to share my knowledge with the world by editing Wikipedia, and more recently, Wikia pages. Because Goosebumps are my favorite books, if you have any questions for me, don't hesitate to ask!

My favorite books

  1. The Haunted School
  2. The Haunted Mask
  3. Welcome to Dead House
  4. Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  5. Deep Trouble
  6. Revenge R Us
  7. Headless Halloween
  8. How I Learned to Fly
  9. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
  10. Fright Camp
  11. The Blob that Ate Everyone
  12. My Best Friend is Invisible!
  13. One Day at Horrorland/Return to Horrorland
  14. Egg Monsters from Mars
  15. My Hairiest Adventure
  16. The Barking Ghost
  17. The Mummy Walks
  18. Monster Blood
  19. Werewolf of Fever Swamp
  20. Ghost Camp
  21. The Haunted Car
  22. Jekyll and Heidi
  23. Slappy's Nightmare
  24. Calling All Creeps!

My favorite wikis

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