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  • My occupation is An animator, avid Goosebumps reader, badminton player, insentient human being, owner of the world's most unpopular opinions.
  • I am Accused of being a robot
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Be prepared to witness some of the most unpopular opinions ever shared on this Wiki.
(I ❤ Chicken Chicken, and you should, too.)
I also believe stacking pancakes is stupid.

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This badge has a REALLY long story behind it. Long story short: check out this thread.

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Goosebumps Wiki (Content Moderator)

Science Max: Experiments at Large Wiki (Founder/Bureaucrat/Administrator) (Not gonna go any further with this project until Fandom gets its act together. A lot of bugs, error messages, unusable features, and a lot of the links change to the time they were added for some reason. I also need a few more people on there. Just sayin...)

Cover reviews

Diary of a Dummy
Diary of a DummyBrandon Dorman
What makes this cover my favorite is the background color and design. I'm not very fond of blank spaces, but it sure works for this one! I also like Slappy's design, something about it feels...different. The diary looks perfect and everything else is fantabulous. I LOVE the oozing slime (still convinced it's Monster Blood).


"my life hurts"

I have the honor to be in GbA's Quotebook, with the legendary quote: "my life hurts".

FAVE GB Quotes

"Like, come the hell on, you just want to kill a dog at this point. Who are you? R.L. Stine?"
- ThatRetro

"Stine really got fixated in writing little children like they're feral animals or something."
- ThatRetro

"Stine will go nuts if he finds out we've been using his characters as our profile pics (and my username won't help if I try to argue about it)."
- Murder the Clown

"Your younger brother, R.L., smells your mother's cool genie and sells it to fuel their book addiction.
I don't know how to respond. I am conflicted, confused, saddened, and secretly fearing for my life all at once."
- GodzillaFan1

"Is it just me who feels like IDW has a sorta obnoxious wokeness to all its characters? They feel about as authentic as the Burger King Kids Club."
- GoosebumpsArt

"Fun With R.L. Stine
Oh, crap! I'll leave that to his wife."
- Mikel6718

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