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I came from a distant planet where Goosebumps is well known. I landed on this planet with my fellow friends in the form of an average earth geek. Most people I'm weird but its because I'm no ordinary human
  • 5 Goosebumps books to read this winter
  • #5:Beware, The Snowman.
  • #4:Slappy New Year.
  • #3:The Abominable Snowman Of Pasadena
  • #2:The 12 Screams Of Christmas
  • And Finally #5:More & More & More Tales To Give You Goosebumps
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Top 6 Goosebumps Cliche's

#1: Geeky Protagonist:

Almost every goosebumps book the protagonist isn't 'perfect'. They all have their downsides.  


Ricky Beamer was teased cause of  his wimpiness,

Larry Boyd was teased Cause of his Hair and ears

And Carly Beth Caldwell was teased cause of her cowardliness. Just to name a few. 

#2: Annoying Sibling Or Relative:

Ever since the First Goosebumps Book Siblings ages 8-16 usually annoy the protagonist constantly but sometimes have to help the protagonist out sometimes.

#3: Bullys:

Basically, all Goosebumps Books that take place in a neighborhood has a bully in it that makes the protagonists life even worse. Usually, the bully is sociopathic and likes to embarrass the protagonist in front of a crowd making the protagonist seem like a geek.

#4: You Gotta Believe Me!:

Usually, when strange stuff starts happening, the first thing the protagonist would usually do is tell their parents and it'd go something like this.

Kid: Mom Dad something weird is going on!

Parents: What is it.

Kids: *Tells Them*

Parents: *Feels Kids Forehead*

Kid: I'm Not Crazy!

#5: How Bad Can It Be?:

Every time when a protagonist makes a choice they have the thought 'How bad can it be?' or 'What's the worse, that can happen?' .literally if you wanna make a Goosebumps story you got to have this.

#: 12-Year-Old Protagonist:

EVERY Goosebumps Book has a 12-year Old Protagonist. I think Stine chose 12-year olds so the young reader could relate more but Goosebumps is meant for 7-12-year-olds so why just 12? there could be 10 or 11 year-old protagonist


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