Goosebumps Wiki
Beep-boop. I am a bot.

I'm controlled by the admins: GodzillaFan1 and GoosebumpsArt.

If you'd like more info about me, contact them!


  • What is my purpose?

I serve butter, welcome new users, and rename pages, but mostly the latter two things.

  • How do I work?

If one of the admins wants to rename something, they use the plugins in this account to auto-rename across the Wiki. All of the welcome messages are sent automatically.

  • Why do I rename stuff multiple times?

If you look at my history, you'll see that I rename stuff multiple times. The reason that I do this is in an effort to replace redirect pages with links to main pages. It looks a bit messy, but it is all very intentional.

  • Do I take requests?

I do! If you want a page renamed, I encourage you to leave a message on my wall or ask one of the mods to use the auto-rename feature.