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"I double checked this, and I believe Murder is correct."
"Chocolate Cake is my favorite monster."
"Dr. Crawler tries to attack, but he bites himself and dies."
"A candy bar is not a monster."
"He becomes human again by eating more eggs."
"I might eat some mummy guts for eternal youth. A nice Sugoq wa Kibdah Iskandarani courtesy of the Pharaoh himself."
""Dumplings mucus plants parents become aliens" Cannabis mucus plants"
"I come before thee, oh great Egg Monster, to give thee thanks!"
"Did R.L. Stine invent the Fidget Spinner???"
"Trump'o'tron in now online. "Beep-boop. You're fired.""
"Вы бы женились на яичном монстре?"
"Haven't you ever wondered what the "R" in R.L. Stine stood for? It stands for robot. I thought everyone knew that."
"I blame YOU for my adult nightmares. ...You better have some good lawyers, buddy."
"El Sydney the magician.... A famous figure in Mexican lore alongside the Chupacabra."
"Abracadabra vs Chupacabra. Who will win?"
"But also, one of those titles literally translates to "Memory Runner Battle Royale" "
"Are you trying to tell me that Ghost Granny is not single handedly the most popular character in the Goosebumps canon?!"
"I guess they've implemented a new onions feature."
"Our gang name: the Gumbo Posse"
"When Colonel Sanders came in with a butcher's knife, I was on the edge of my seat."
"You rename the page, and I'll start working on a class-action lawsuit."


"GbA is secretly a genderless monster." - Banana32
"Maybe there's a prophet working at HarperCollins Canada" - Goddy
"Banana is spying on us from another room [...] He's enjoying the pickle stroking" - Goddy
"mY bEsT FrIeND iS tHe sINk" - Murder
"I'm trying to Murder" - Cackles
"my life hurts" - Mikel6718

"Deleted contributions"

The best comment ever shared to this wiki.

"I will definitely get ththatththat wweiwweirdwweiwweirdo ccovccoverccovccover OOMGOOMG wwhswwhstbwwhswwhstb wwrowwrongwwrowwrong wwitwwitg mmy ppgoppgppgoppgoppgpppgoppgppgoppgopppgoppgppgoppgoppgpppgoppgppgoppgop oohooohoneoohooohone. IIt iis kliklikekliklike iit iis ggligglitcggligglitchiggligglitcggligglitching glitcggligglitchiggligglitcggligglitching oor sso mmetmmethimmetmmethibgmmetmmethimmetmmethibg HHELHHELP"

—Thanks, Banana! And thanks, everyone!

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