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My Goosebumps Collection

My goal is to collect every single print of every single Goosebumps book ever made. Will that ever happen? Probably not. But it doesn't hurt to try, right?

Goosebumps (original series)

  • Orange = I need one more print/book to get.
  • Gold = I own all the prints/books.
  • x2 = I own two of the same print.
Print series Books
Original prints 33/62
Monster Edition 3/4
Goosebumps Collection 1/4
2003 - 2007 reprint series 26/57
Goosebumps Bind-Up 1/2
Classic Goosebumps 5/32
Retro Collectors Tins 2/2

Goosebumps Monster Edition

  1. Goosebumps Monster Edition #1 (Original)
  2. Goosebumps Monster Edition #2 (Light-up eyes still work!)
  3. Goosebumps Monster Edition #3

Goosebumps Collection/Bind-Up

  • Monster Blood Collection
  • Vanishing Collection

Tales to Give You Goosebumps

Give Yourself Goosebumps

  1. Escape from the Carnival of Horrors #1
  2. Trapped in Bat Wing Hall #3
  3. Night in Werewolf Woods #5
  4. The Curse of the Creeping Coffin #8
  5. Secret Agent Grandma #16
  6. Escape from Camp Run-For-Your-Life #19

Goosebumps Collector's Caps Books

  • COMPLETE! I own all two books.

Goosebumps Postcard Books

  • Goosebumps Postcard Book #1

Goosebumps Series 2000

  1. Brain Juice #12
  2. Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls #13

Goosebumps Triple Header

  • COMPLETE! I own all two books.

Goosebumps HorrorLand

  1. Revenge of the Living Dummy (x3)
  2. Creep from the Deep
  3. Monster Blood for Breakfast!
  4. The Scream of the Haunted Mask
  5. Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz
  6. Who's Your Mummy?
  7. My Friends Call Me Monster
  8. Say Cheese — and Die Screaming!
  9. Welcome to Camp Slither
  10. Help! We Have Strange Powers!
  11. Escape From HorrorLand
  12. The Streets of Panic Park

Goosebumps Hall of Horrors

  1. Claws! (Second edition)
  2. Night of the Giant Everything (Second edition)
  3. The Five Masks of Dr. Screem
  4. Why I Quit Zombie School

Goosebumps Most Wanted

  1. Frankenstein's Dog #4
  2. Creature Teacher: The Final Exam #6
  3. A Nightmare on Clown Street #7

Special Editions

  1. The 12 Screams of Christmas #2
  2. The Haunter #4

Goosebumps Graphix

  • Slappy's Tales of Horror

Other Books

Goosebumps VHS

  1. The Haunted Mask (Promotional inserts included)
  2. Stay Out of the Basement
  3. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (Promotional inserts included)

Goosebumps DVDs

  • Shocker on Shock Street
  • Monster Blood

Goosebumps Movie Soundtracks

Goosebumps Collectibles

  • Curly (in the box, sound still works)
  • Prince Khor-Ru (in the box, sound still works)
  • The Horror (in the box, sound still works)

Goosebumps Audiobooks

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Goosebumps Books/TV Episodes Rankings

In this section, I will be ranking the Goosebumps books and TV episodes. You may see these multi-colored Goosebumps icons. Here's what they mean: (feel free to use them if you want)

  • Goosebumps g blue.png - Best books/episodes. These books/episodes range from great to fantastic.
  • Goosebumps g green.png - Good books/episodes. These books/episodes have some issues, but are overall pretty enjoyable.
  • Goosebumps g yellow.png - Mediocre books/episodes. Books/episodes I didn't like that much, or had mixed feelings towards.
  • Goosebumps g red.png - Terrible books/episodes. These books/episodes range from just bad, to pretty terrible.
  • Goosebumps g dark yellow.png - Worst books/episodes. These books/episodes are pure garbage.

Goosebumps Books Ranking (Best to Worst)

Rating so far: Goosebumps g green.png - 60%

While I haven't been blown away by any of these books, Goosebumps is a charming book series. However, they're far from perfect. I don't even consider the best books to be all that great. And the bad books can be really bad. But even with all of that, certain Goosebumps books are still worth a read. They're short, simple, and fun to read (for the most part).

NOTE: Spoilers ahead!

  1. Goosebumps g blue.png The Haunted Mask - More like "The Haunted Face", because The Haunted Mask isn't even a mask. It's literally a face. Yeah, this book is pretty creepy. Later in the book, Carly Beth tries to take off the mask. She tries to slid her fingers under the "line" part of it to try and take it off. But there is no line. It morphed with her skin, and became her face. Then she looks in the mirror and says, "Those aren't my eyes!" Man, I can't believe this is a kids book. I also like the shock ending. Carly Beth's little brother finds the mask, and wears it. The thing is though, the mask can only be "repealed" once, so if you put it on after it's been "repealed", you're screwed. So the ending is kinda dark. Overall, this is a solid entry in the Goosebumps series. I don't really have any complaints with it. It's creepy and has that nice Halloween atmosphere.
  2. Goosebumps g green.png Night of the Living Dummy II - The dialogue can be a bit repetitive at times with all the "I didn't do it! I didn't do it!", but overall it's a pretty enjoyable read. The characters feel less bland compared to the other books in the series. I like how everyone in the family can't get along with each other, and Slappy only makes it worse. Speaking of Slappy, I was surprised by his personality in this book. He didn't make many jokes, and he didn't try to act all that funny. He instead kept going on about how Amy was his slave and whatnot. Overall, I'd say this is one of the better ones I've read so far. Not amazing, but it's certainly an enjoyable read.
  3. Goosebumps g green.png Ghost Beach - There's not much to say about this one. It's a nice and simple ghost story, and a pretty satisfying read.
  4. Goosebumps g green.png The Beast From The East - This family goes out in the woods and the kids get separated. The kids end up finding themselves in a very bizarre world, with these giant blue creatures who force them to play a deadly game. You never know what's going to happen next, because the beasts are always changing the rules. I can see why people don't like this one (it's really weird and random), but I enjoyed reading it.
  5. Goosebumps g green.png The Ghost Next Door - A pretty decent read. It didn't blow me away like I thought it would though. However, it is kinda clever, in that half the book makes you think Danny is the ghost. It's also pretty depressing and emotional. Hannah and her entire family died in a fire. But the part that made me the most sad is when Hannah writes her friend who is at summer camp. She wonders why she isn't writing back to her, and it makes her pretty angry. She then realizes she isn't writing back, because she (Hannah) is dead. Really sad stuff. And at the end of the book, Danny nearly burns to death in a fire. Geez. The one thing I didn't like was Shadow Danny. You could remove him entirely from the book, and nothing would change. I also thought they should've made it to where only Danny could see Hannah, as in, like, he's a kid that could see ghosts. But that's not the case, as Danny's friends and the Mailman (I think?) can see her too. Overall, I enjoyed this one. Not perfect, but it's a nice read. Check it out.
  6. Goosebumps g green.png The Curse of Camp Cold Lake - "The whirling blades cut off my head." -- best chapter cliffhanger ever. Yeah, there are some intense moments in this one. I found the scene describing Sarah (the protagonist) almost drowning really disturbing, as it goes into great detail about it. I found the part with the snowy camp grounds in the woods to be really creepy too. Through out most of the book, this ghost girl named Della keeps stalking Sarah, wanting her to be her camp buddy. Sarah thinks Della died by drowning in the lake. But the twist is, she died by a snake bite in the woods. Don't know if that's clever or really stupid. The other twist is that, Briana (some girl that's in Sarah's cabin), is actually a ghost, and she too wants Sarah to be her buddy. That doesn't make any sense, because only Sarah (and Briana I guess) can see Della... because she's a ghost. Briana's a ghost too, but everyone else can see her. I don't get it. Overall, this one was... alright. Despite a half-baked twist ending, there are some creepy moments here. But those moments are few and far between. Not bad, but not great either.
  7. Goosebumps g yellow.png A Nightmare On Clown Street - I love clowns, so I was really looking forward to this book, especially after reading the blurb that's on the back of the book. "Clown Street?" Sounds interesting! After reading it though, I felt a little disappointed. I was enjoying the first half or so of the book. But near the end, I started loosing interest. Things just got a little too crazy and silly. Clown Street wasn't even a street if I recall correctly, it was some kind of prison or something. And the main villain crying for his "mommy" while getting chased by a bear... really? After reading it, I had literally no opinion on it. I just put it back on the shelf and was like "Well, that was something." I will say this though, it's pretty unique. I can't believe it took Stine this long to write a Goosebumps book starring a clown. This really should have come out when the original series was still a thing.
  8. Goosebumps g yellow.png The Haunted School - I thought it was okay, until the lipstick creating portal to the color world came into played. I had to put the book down for a good minute when that happened. Another thing I found confusing was the kids in the gray world calling for help so they can get back to the color world. But later in the book, the kids say they never want to leave the gray world. What? The book was pretty interesting when Tommy went outside of the school in the gray world. There are these strange kids who do this really weird ritual, and its kinda disturbing. But overall, I didn't really care for this one.
  9. Goosebumps g yellow.png Don't Go To Sleep - I read this one in 2012 and thought it was meh. Don't remember much else.
  10. Goosebumps g red.png How I Learned To Fly - Even though I loved Goosebumps as a kid, I never read a single book (I only got them for the covers). In 2012, I decided to read my first Goosebumps book, which was this one. I thought it was very dumb. The part where the main character rips his pants and everyone laughs at him is what made me really dislike the book. However, some people say this is one of the better books in the series. And I don't remember that much from the book, so I'll definitely give it another read some time.
  11. Goosebumps g red.png Monster Blood - Monster Blood continues the trend of "terrible book has amazing cover art". Thanks Tim. Thanks Stine. Anyway, nothing happens in the first 10 chapters. All Evan does is complain about his great aunt Katherine. The book takes forever to get even mildly interesting. The only noteworthy things that happens in the first 18 chapters are: 1. The Monster Blood is growing very slowly 2. They come across these two bullies, who punch Evan in the face and stomach for absolutely no reason. 3. Trigger (the dog) is growing very slowly That's it. It isn't until the last 11 chapters when things start to pick-up, and believe me, this where things get really stupid. The Monster Blood grows into a giant ball, and starts chasing Evan and Andy in a well populated area in broad daylight. It then rolls into Katherine's house, where Katherine explains everything. Apparently Sarabeth (the cat) has been using Katherine as a slave, and she didn't want the house to have any guests. So when Evan showed up, she put a curse on the Monster Blood. Trigger then pushes Sarabeth into the Monster Blood. The Monster Blood then shrinks into a puddle. The end. Or is it? As Evan says his goodbyes to Andy, he looks back and sees that the Monster Blood is gone! Overall, Monster Blood is boring and stupid. It takes forever to pick-up, and when it does, it's the most ridiculous thing you'll ever read.
  12. Goosebumps g red.png Slappy Birthday to You - I have no interest in collecting or reading any of the SlappyWorld books. However, I saw that there were Goosebumps audiobooks free to listen to on Spotify. So I figured why not give one of the newer books a listen? This one specifically, annnd it sucks. I only read one Living Dummy book (NotLD2), but this book felt practically identical to that one. Family bickering and arguing with each other throughout the entire book, Slappy framing the kids for stuff they didn't do, etc. Ugh. You can't even use the "oh it's just a book for newcomers" excuse, because Night of the Living Dummy II is a part of the Classic Goosebumps series, which means its still in print... alongside this book. Could Stine really not think of a unique spin on the Living Dummy formula? This was the best he could come up with? A lazy generic rehash? Even besides all that, it's boring and stupid... Why does this exist.
  13. Goosebumps g dark yellow.png One Day at HorrorLand - Out of all the Goosebumps books, why did it have to be this one have to be terrible? Seriously, how can you make a book about a horror-themed theme-park, and make it bland and boring? Here's the first 20 chapters in a nutshell: The kids go on a ride. Get scared. After the ride is over, Lizzy is still scared, Clay is kind of scared, and Luke pretends to be not scared. Then they go searching for Mom and Dad. This is repeated three times through out the book. It felt like I was reading the same chapters over and over again. It's really boring, because nothing happens during this time. It just feels like padding to make the book more than 100 pages long. After you get through the first 20 chapters of dullness, you get 9 more chapters of stupidity. Such as a poorly written obstacle course scene. And don't get me started on the ending. It is the most lazy and unimaginative ending to any Goosebumps book ever. The idea of the book sounds awesome, and the cover art is amazing. Too bad I can't give this book the same compliments. I really wanted to throw this book across the room after reading it, but I didn't want to damage the amazing cover art. Thanks, Tim.

Goosebumps TV Series Episode Ranking (Best to Worst)

Rating so far: Goosebumps g yellow.png - 50%

The Goosebumps TV series can be charming, creepy, and delightfully cheesy. However, the show is plagued with terrible acting, and sometimes it can be a bit too cheesy. The good episodes are a blast to watch, but there are too many mediocre episodes. Mediocre is boring, so the mediocre episodes are boring to watch. And the really bad episodes have abysmal, even at times, unbearable acting. The show is a very mixed bag. It's all over the place in terms of quality. Typically, the two-part episodes seem to be the better ones, but even those can be pretty dull at times.

Overall, I'd say the Goosebumps TV series is worth a watch. The good episodes, while not objectively great, are entertaining and fun to watch in their own right. But due to the influx of mediocre/terrible episodes, this show can be a bit hard to recommend. But I say go watch it anyway. There's bound to be at least one episode you'll enjoy.

  1. Goosebumps g blue.png One Day at HorrorLand -  This episode delivers on pretty much everything, and is what every episode of the series should've been. It delivers genuine scares, spooks, and laughs. The acting is passable too. The first part, while creepy, wasn't all that special. However, things start to get really good with part two. It features a genuinely funny game show, kills off an innocent character, and the ending is unbelievably cruel. It is without a doubt the definitive episode of the series.
  2. Goosebumps g blue.png The Girl Who Cried Monster - The first half is pretty mediocre, but the episode later picks up and becomes absolutely hilarious. The twist ending is probably the funniest, and most ridiculous moment of the entire series. A very enjoyable episode.
  3. Goosebumps g blue.png The Werewolf of Fever Swamp - This episode feels way more serious and scary than any other episodes in the series. It features dead animals, and they kill off a character. The overall tone of the episode is creepy, and you really get a good feel of the areas. Definitely one of the best in the series.
  4. Goosebumps g blue.png Stay Out of the Basement - This episode is unsettling and gripping, with a lot of suspense and creepy moments. The actor who played the fake and real dad gave a pretty solid performance, and the episode has some great atmosphere, especially in the basement. The whole time you're watching it, you just feel disturbed. The episode is also really dark in tone. When Dr. Marek's wife leaves a voice mail asking if anyone has seen her husband, I actually got goosebumps. Overall, this is definitely one of the most creepiest, and well-made episodes of the series.
  5. Goosebumps g blue.png Welcome to Camp Nightmare - It seems that the two-part episodes are almost always the best episodes. This is mainly due to the production value and acting being way better than the one-part episodes. Anyway, the episode itself is pretty solid, with some great performances by Larry, Uncle Al, and Billy. The ending is so out there, you will never see it coming. Great episode.
  6. Goosebumps g blue.png Let's Get Invisible - I enjoyed this episode way more than I thought I would. There's little to no filler, and the plot is always moving forward. The mirror was very interesting, and there's a lot of great scenes. A very good episode.
  7. Goosebumps g blue.png Haunted Mask II - I was really looking forward to this episode. Needless to say, it didn't disappoint. Like most two-part episodes, it takes it self very seriously. There's not many jokes or "happy" moments. The acting was good, the masks looked really creepy, the actor who played Steven did a really good job, and its all around just a really well-made episode. I couldn't stop laughing when Steven was acting like a dying old man. Great episode.
  8. Goosebumps g blue.png Click - The actor playing Seth gave a really good performance. I dare even say he's probably the best child actor on the show to date. Seth is pretty unlikable and selfish, but he eventually gets his comeuppance. A well done and very enjoyable episode.
  9. Goosebumps g green.png The Ghost Next Door - Let's get this rant out of the way first. It's the one thing I didn't like, and is an issue I also had with the book. And it's Shadow Danny. Okay, so, he wants to take Danny's body when he dies, so he can become a ghost that resembles a human. But the thing is, Shadow Danny is already a ghost, but he wants to be a human ghost, because...? It's never explained, of course. He disappears when Danny's life is saved at the end of the episode (around midnight I think?), which sort of implies Shadow Danny would "die" if he didn't get to his body in time. That sounds cool, but it was never said in the episode. Shadow Danny also wanted to teach Hannah how to be ghost for some reason. Why? I don't know. In fact, why did Shadow Danny even come to Hannah in the first place? He wants Danny to die. Why would he tell Hannah to stay away from Danny, and not to save him? It's stupid. This whole Shadow Danny thing is stupid, and bogs down the episode and the book. All they had to do was give him more background, and this episode would have been pretty much perfect. Although, I prefer the Shadow Danny from the episode rather than the book. In the book, he was just there to act as a bogus chapter cliffhanger. Anyway, this Shadow Danny rant makes it seem like it completely ruins the episode, but it doesn't. It's just an annoyance I had. But anyway, the positives.

    The ending is excellent, and the highlight of the episode. Danny is trapped in the Mailman's house due to a fire that he accidentally created by setting off a stink-bomb. Hannah goes in the house and tries to rescue Danny from burning alive. She can't lift him up (because she's a ghost), so she decides to play a piano that's in the room (which was foreshadowed at the beginning of the episode, which is pretty cool). The Mailman hears the piano, and cautiously goes in the house to investigate. He sees Danny laying on the floor unconscious, so he carries him out of the house. Danny regains consciousness, and thanks Hannah for saving him. Hannah then goes into the afterlife with her family. Man, what a great ending. In fact, I think it's done better than in the book. A part of the reason is that the episode mentions that only Danny can see Hannah, which I don't believe was addressed in the book, which made me mad. That aspect makes it much more enjoyable for me. There's also a few jokes sprinkled through out the episode, which are pretty funny. There's also a few actually creepy moments, like when Hannah was in the basement. As for the acting, it's... meh. Could be better, could be worse. But I didn't care for it too much.

    Overall, despite having some flaws, "The Ghost Next Door" is still a pretty enjoyable episode with some creepy, funny, and emotional moments.
  10. Goosebumps g green.png A Night in Terror Tower - I was really confused, and had no idea what was going on in the first 30 minutes. But it's eventually revealed what's going on near the end of the episode, and it's pretty cool. So I think this episode would be more enjoyable on a second watch. It also lacks the terrible cliches the show is known for. So all in all, it's a cool episode.
  11. Goosebumps g green.png The House of No Return - So these three unlikable kids start an organization that has no purpose other than getting more members. How do they get more members you may ask? By making forcing kids stay in an abandoned haunted house for an entire hour. Really? All that just to get in a kids club with no point to it? Anyway, no one has stayed in the house for an entire hour before, so they are desperately looking for someone that can. They find the new kid in town, Chris, and ask him if he's up for the offer. He declines, stating that he gets scared easily. The three kids later call his residence, and offer him to go to the mall with them. He meets them, and they lead him to the mall. Except they don't. They lead him to "The House of No Return", and literally force him inside without his consent. Man, these kids are jerks. An hour goes by, and the three kids are impressed that he made it that long. They go in the house, but can't seem to find him. Two ghosts appear telling them they can't leave, and they let Chris off the hook. Why? Because he told the ghosts to take the other kids, because 3 is better than 1. The episode ends with the kids trapped in The House of No Return forever, and Chris lives happily ever after. Wow, what a cruel ending. Overall, I'd say this episode was pretty enjoyable. The episode was just okay up until the ending, which made it even more satisfying. The kid actors did a pretty good job compared to other episodes, although Chris was pretty bland. Oh, and sorry for the synopsis. I felt like writing it for some reason.
  12. Goosebumps g green.png The Headless Ghost - A nice episode with a lot of twists and turns. Not sure why it's called "The Headless Ghost" though. That ghost wasn't even the main focus of the episode, and there were other ghosts too. Also, how convenient that bucket of water was there near the painting.
  13. Goosebumps g green.png My Hairiest Adventure - I thought I was going to hate this episode, but I surprisingly ended up enjoying it. This episode is weird. Like, really weird. This tanning lotion makes these kids turn into dogs, but it really didn't, they were actually dogs turned into humans this whole time. Whoa. The main kid's acting is bad...? I don't know, but I laughed at him a lot through out the episode. I'd say he gave a "so bad its good" performance. A dumb, but surprisingly enjoyable and hilarious episode.
  14. Goosebumps g green.png Bad Hare Day - The acting was fine, the ending was cruel, and the Goosebumps theme song remix during the credits was a nice touch. Overall, a pretty entertaining episode.
  15. Goosebumps g green.png Scarecrow Walks at Midnight - "I don't like those stories. They make me scared!" - A 40 something year old man to his 70 something year old dad. A really funny episode actually. The scarecrows looked creepy, Stanly and the grandparents gave good performances, and the ending is funny yet cruel. Seriously, Stanly finds a random piece of paper on the ground, reads it, and all of a sudden they're all going to die. Hilarious. The main kids in this episode are extremely bland and have mediocre acting. But other than that, I'd say its a good episode.
  16. Goosebumps g green.png Night of the Living Dummy III - A lot of funny moments in this one. The way Slappy died was unexpected, and so was the ending. I also liked the card fake-out. The acting wasn't too bad either. This episode has some similarities to Night of the Living Dummy II, which is why it's not ranked higher. But still, a fine episode.
  17. Goosebumps g green.png Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes - There's nothing really super strong about this episode, but it was pretty entertaining. Mr. McCall's actor gave a good performance, and the ending is nice. I also like the plot.
  18. Goosebumps g green.png The Cuckoo Clock of Doom - The plot is cool, and the acting is decent. There's not much to love or hate about this episode, but it was an enjoyable watch.
  19. Goosebumps g yellow.png Be Careful What You Wish For... - An episode that doesn't really do anything wrong, and the acting is fine. However, I just didn't care for it, as there's nothing really scary or creepy about it. The main character's first wish is to be the best player on the basketball team. Not scary. Her second wish is for every to buzz off, and they all turn in to flies. Kind of scary, but kind of boring. Her third wish if for her bully, Judas, to really really like her (in an obsessive way). It sounds scary, but it's not. In her final wish, she wishes Judas met Clarissa (the woman who essentially grants the main character's wishes) instead. Judas wishes for people to gather around and admire her. She then turns into a statue. Cool, but not really that scary. So I guess my main issue with the episode is that it's not scary, despite being fine in its own right. I don't recommend it if you're looking something spooky to watch.
  20. Goosebumps g yellow.png Welcome to Dead House - The acting was good, and there were some creepy moments. But its just kinda dull. This is mainly due to the environment the episode is set in. The location and zombies are lifeless, but I think that's what they were trying to go for. I also found the twist ending to be very predictable. Overall, this episode doesn't do much wrong, but I didn't find it all that interesting.
  21. Goosebumps g yellow.png Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns - So this kid is friends with shape-shifting aliens who come to earth every Halloween to feast on humans. It's a very strange episode, and he twist ending freaked me out as a kid when I first saw it. But outside of that, this episode doesn't do much for me. It's just 'there.'
  22. Goosebumps g yellow.png Night of the Living Dummy II - The acting is okay, and Slappy is whatever to me. I didn't find his jokes to be that funny. It's a tolerable watch overall, but I don't really care for it.
  23. Goosebumps g yellow.png Werewolf Skin - This is your typical Goosebumps episode. It has an interesting plot, but is plagued with mediocre acting, and the sound design is very cheesy. Not much else to say.
  24. Goosebumps g yellow.png Say Cheese and Die! - Three minutes into the episode, this creepy guy named Spidey falls off the stairs for no reason. This is the highlight of the episode for me, because its so random and he lets out a goofy scream. I had to play that part over and over because I couldn't believe how funny it was. The camera's design is outrageous. Seriously, the design of it just adds to the cheesiness even more. Shari's acting was atrocious, but I thought everyone else in the episode did a fine job. The ending is really dumb. Greg takes picture of Spidey with the camera, and he gets sucked into it because reasons. Then at the very very end, the bullies walk in the factory, and take a picture, which releases Spidey. Okay, why even have him trapped in the camera in the first place if he's going to be released not even a minute later? The writers really didn't think that one out. Overall, this episode can be entertaining, but can also be really cheesy at times.
  25. Goosebumps g yellow.png How to Kill a Monster - I'm split on this one. Gretchen's acting was pretty bad, but Clark gave an okay performance. The terrible "did not! did too!" cliche is in it, and Clark punches the swamp monster straight in the mouth. Why would any kid think to do that? But luckily he did, because the swamp monster is allergic to humans. Stupid. I did like the swamp monster's design, and the set they used for the episode was great. You get a really nice feel to the area. But other than that, it's just mediocre.
  26. Goosebumps g yellow.png Deep Trouble II - Nothing really outstanding about this episode. It has giant reptiles, and fish people. That's about all it has really. Not a bad episode, but not a great one either.
  27. Goosebumps g yellow.png More Monster Blood - For some reason the people working behind the TV show decided to make their own Monster Blood sequel instead of adapting Monster Blood II. I'm really not sure why this is. But anyway, two main things I liked: The guy washing his face with Monster Blood, and the giant ant ending. The rest I didn't really care for. Not a bad episode, but I didn't enjoy it that much.
  28. Goosebumps g yellow.png How I Got My Shrunken Head - An episode with a unique premise. I found part one interesting, but part two just didn't do it for me. I'd prefer if it were the head that caused the magic, and not the kid himself. Not sure if I'm a fan of the ending either.
  29. Goosebumps g yellow.png Calling All Creeps! -  A cheesy (not the good kind) episode with mediocre acting, with the exception of the actor who played Ricky. He did a good job at portraying a total loser. The ending is awesome too. But it's overall an episode I didn't care much for.
  30. Goosebumps g yellow.png Don't Wake Mummy - This is another one of those episodes where the concept is really cool, but the execution is a bit sloppy. The first fifteen minutes or so is about the jerk sibling pulling pranks on the innocent sibling. I didn't find those parts enjoyable, and it was kind of boring. But I did enjoy the scenes when the mummy finally woke. So the episode is a bit of a mixed bag for me.
  31. Goosebumps g yellow.png Monster Blood - This one used to be one of my favorites. But after rewatching it... yeah, no. The most enjoyable part of the episode is the Monster Blood itself. But even that can't salvage the rest of this episode. The acting is bland, and it's not even explained why the Monster Blood is there. In the book, the kids go to a toy store and buy it. However, when they go home, Sarabeth puts a curse on it. So what's the episode's explanation for Monster Blood? Nothing. Sarabeth was performing black magic, and she fell into the Monster Blood. Okay, but why did she have Monster Blood to begin with? And was it already cursed before she fell in it? If so, then why? None of this is explained. Overall, this episode is pretty mediocre, and is only worth watching for the Monster Blood itself. There's something oddly satisfying about watching people play with slime. Otherwise, stay away.
  32. Goosebumps g yellow.png Strained Peas - It's a "but I didn't do it!" episode. But this one's a little more interesting. These parents take home the wrong baby, and it happens to be a supernatural monster baby. The baby ends up doing most of the damage, and of course, the blame is put on our main character. It isn't until near the end of the episode the parents discover they've got the wrong baby. The only thing I found really enjoyable about this episode was the part at the end. It's a brief scene with the baby and her real (monster) parents, and it's pretty funny. The twist at the very end is that the real baby they receive is actually another monster. Oh boy. Overall, it's a kind of stupid episode. But I didn't totally hate it. It's just mediocre.
  33. Goosebumps g yellow.png Awesome Ants - What. Not terrible. But what.
  34. Goosebumps g yellow.png An Old Story - Another really strange and bizarre episode. The aunt casts a spell on her nephews that makes them age into old men. She does this so they can be old enough to marry her old lady friends. Kind of messed-up. Also, I find it strange how the nephews casually kill their aunt on the spot. I'm dead serious, they actually kill her. This episode is so messed-up and weird. I was so perplexed by this episode to the point I can't tell if I enjoyed it or not. Seriously, I don't even know how to rank this one.
  35. Goosebumps g red.png The Perfect School - The episode is set up like a prison movie, which is pretty cool. And the school wanting to make clones of the kids is a better idea than what was in the short story, where they wanted to make robots of them. But those are the only positive I can give to this. The kid who played Brian did a pretty bad job. His acting was really dull and mundane. It's like he didn't even want to be there. Things in the episode escalate too quickly. For example, when Brian first arrives at the school, this kid tries to pick a fight with him. The kid later apologies to Brian, but Brian doesn't like this one bit, so tries to escape the school immediately after the apology. More stuff should've happened before he even thought to escape the school. It happens way too early, and the reasoning behind it is stupid (a kid apologized to me, I must escape right now!)

    Another stupid scene is when Brian and this kid with glasses gets called to the principle's "waiting room" or whatever. The principle talks to the glasses kid in the office first, which is connected to the waiting room. Brian just walks out, and goes into this random room just because. He goes on the computer that's in the room, and finds out the school is doing something strange. He then hears a guard outside of the room trying to get in, so he escapes through the vent. Okay, how did he manage to do it so quickly and without making any noise? And I think you need a screwdriver to open vent covers up, so how did he manage to open it? Once Brian gets home, he goes on his(?) computer, and has accesses to the school's system because... actually, it's never explained how he got access to it.

    Overall, this episode is dull, forgettable, and there's a lot of stupid moments in it. However, I don't think its complete trash. This is mainly due to it lacking in repetitive cliches, and it is sort of well made I guess. But regardless, I didn't enjoy it, so I'm giving it the red splat.
  36. Goosebumps g red.png Cry of the Cat - This episode has movie sets, a kid running over a cat that later stalks them, people turning into cat people, and exploding cat coffins. WHAT. The meta twist ending was funny (even though I saw it coming from a mile away), and Rip the Cat looked cool. Other than that, this episode is just unbelievably stupid. I know, its Goosebumps. It isn't supposed to be realistic or all that serious, but this is just too much.
  37. Goosebumps g red.png My Best Friend is Invisible - More like "My Best Friend is an Unlikable Jerk". Seriously, I'm really confused by the title. The invisible boy treated the main character like trash. How is that a "best friend"? The ending was extremely weird, and kinda funny though. But overall, I didn't enjoy it that much.
  38. Goosebumps g red.png The Blob That Ate Everyone - The blob doesn't even appear until like the last 5 minutes of the episode. I loved the design of it, but the episode was just very boring.
  39. Goosebumps g red.png Phantom of the Auditorium - Didn't find this one interesting at all. The "twist" at the end was predictable. In fact, everything about this episode is predictable. A really dull episode.
  40. Goosebumps g red.png Piano Lessons Can Be Murder - Pianos, robots, and ghosts. What. Yeah, nothing about this episode made sense to me. I like weird, but this is a bad kind of weird. I didn't enjoy it.
  41. Goosebumps g red.png Go Eat Worms! - Worms go in this kid's spaghetti, and crawl in his bed. He thinks its his sister doing it, so he tries to get revenge. He goes near this lake, and wrestles with a giant worm. Now he hates worms. So much so, that he gets rid of all his worm merchandise, and cancels his science project about worms. What. He then goes fishing with his friend, and gets kidnapped by fish. What. Worms aren't scary, so this episode wasn't scary. It was quite dull and horribly uninteresting.
  42. Goosebumps g red.png Return of the Mummy - Bad acting, bizarre chemistry with the characters, dumb ending, and overall a bad episode.
  43. Goosebumps g red.png Teacher's Pet - Snakes don't scare me, so this episode didn't scare me. At all. Most of it is these two boring kids staring at a snake slither around on the floor. The ending is really stupid as well. Boring episode.
  44. Goosebumps g red.png Say Cheese and Die... Again - I didn't think the first was all that great, but man is the sequel horrible. They completely replaced the cast for some reason. Greg's new actor gives a weak performance, while Shari's new actress is an improvement, as she doesn't talk like a puppet anymore. My main issue is that this didn't need to exist. Out of all the episodes to choose from, why go with this one? They couldn't even get the original cast back, so why even bother? This is probably one of the most pointless sequels I've ever witnessed. Also, the camera makes Greg fat, and makes Shari skinny. So very scary!
  45. Goosebumps g red.png Ghost Beach The episode follows the book pretty closely, but the acting is just terrible. Almost unbearable at times. It seemed to get a little better near the end, but overall it isn't a good episode. Just go read the book instead.
  46. Goosebumps g red.png Vampire Breath - This episode probably has the worst child actors on the show to date. They acted so artificial and bland, you can tell they didn't even try. Count Nightwing's acting didn't impress me either. The family reunion was sort of funny, and the set pieces were nice, but those don't salvage the rest of this horribly acted episode.
  47. Goosebumps g red.png Don't Go To Sleep! - More like Don't Watch Me!
  48. Goosebumps g red.png Shocker on Shock Street - This episode reminds me of One Day at HorrorLand (the book). They both have the same plot: kids go on scary rides, get scared, and question whether if its real or not... every time. It gets dull and repetitive very fast. The piranha thing was kinda scary, but that's only a minor positive to this borefest. A lot of the "jokes" in this episode are terrible too. Oh, and the kids are killer robots. A really lame and boring episode.
  49. Goosebumps g dark yellow.png It Came From Beneath the Sink - Atrocious acting makes this episode unbearable and unwatchable. The vampire potato ending was cool though.
  50. Goosebumps g dark yellow.png You Can't Scare Me! - This episode is about a Marry Sue. How scary! Courtney is perfect at life. So much so, she can literally talk a mud monster to death. This episode was infuriating and predictable. There's not a single thing I like about. The acting is tolerable, but who cares. Everything else about it sucks.
  51. Goosebumps g dark yellow.png The Haunted House Game - Unfathomably stupid. It's just a series of random events. The set pieces, objects, clues; everything is random. "Oh no! The hallway is stretching (I think?)! I know, I'll use a fishing rod to make it stop!" Like... what? Not to mention the acting is horrendous. Awful episode.
  52. Goosebumps g dark yellow.png Bride of the Living Dummy - This episode is home to some of the most worst acting I've ever seen. The plot and pretty much everything else about it is garbage. It wasn't funny either.
  53. Goosebumps g dark yellow.png The Barking Ghost - This episode has all the Goosebumps TV series cliches. Fake out jump-scares, surprise shoulder touch, "It was probably your imagination/it was just a bad dream.", "But I didn't do it!", stupid/useless parents, bad acting, the random girl character that's only there because they needed a girl for the episode, too much music/overly dramatic music, and the annoying/jerk sibling character. So if you want to watch an episode with some of the worst aspects of the series, look no further, because they're all here in this episode. Not only does it have all these cliches, but the plot is unbelievably stupid. It's an incredibly bland, dumb, and forgettable episode.

Rating statistics

One part episodes are generally bad, with only 32% of them actually being good. Two part episodes on the other hand, 90% of them are good. (NOTE: Mediocre episodes are not counted when making percentages.) Season 1

No. Episode Rating
1/2 "The Haunted Mask"
3 "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom"
Goosebumps g green.png
4 "The Girl Who Cried Monster"
Goosebumps g blue.png
5/6 "Welcome to Camp Nightmare"
Goosebumps g blue.png
7 "Phantom of the Auditorium"
Goosebumps g red.png
8 "Piano Lessons Can Be Murder"
Goosebumps g red.png
9 "Return of the Mummy"
Goosebumps g red.png
10 "Night of the Living Dummy II"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
11/12 "Stay Out of the Basement"
Goosebumps g blue.png
13 "My Hairiest Adventure"
Goosebumps g green.png
14 "It Came from Beneath the Sink"
Goosebumps g dark yellow.png
15 "Say Cheese and Die"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
16/17 "A Night in Terror Tower"
Goosebumps g green.png
18/19 "The Werewolf of Fever Swamp"
Goosebumps g blue.png

Goosebumps g yellow.png - 58%

Season 2

No. Episode Rating
1 "Be Careful What You Wish For..."
Goosebumps g yellow.png
2/3 "Attack of the Mutant"
4 "Bad Hare Day"
Goosebumps g green.png
5 "The Headless Ghost"
Goosebumps g green.png
6 "Go Eat Worms"
Goosebumps g red.png
7 "You Can't Scare Me"
Goosebumps g dark yellow.png
8 "Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes"
Goosebumps g green.png
9 "Ghost Beach"
Goosebumps g red.png
10 "Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
11/12 "The Haunted Mask II"
Goosebumps g blue.png
13 "Let's Get Invisible"
Goosebumps g blue.png
14 "Scarecrow Walks at Midnight"
Goosebumps g green.png
15 "Monster Blood"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
16 "More Monster Blood"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
17 "Vampire Breath"
Goosebumps g red.png
18 "How to Kill a Monster"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
19 "Calling All Creeps"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
20/21 "Welcome to Dead House"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
22 "Don't Wake Mummy"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
23 "The Blob That Ate Everyone"
Goosebumps g red.png
24/25 "Night of the Living Dummy III"
Goosebumps g green.png

Goosebumps g yellow.png - 58%

Season 3

No. Episode Rating
1 "Shocker on Shock Street"
Goosebumps g red.png
2 "My Best Friend Is Invisible"
Goosebumps g red.png
3 "The House of No Return"
Goosebumps g green.png
4 "Don't Go To Sleep"
Goosebumps g red.png
5 "Click"
Goosebumps g blue.png
6 "An Old Story"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
7 "The Barking Ghost"
Goosebumps g dark yellow.png
8/9 "One Day at HorrorLand"
Goosebumps g blue.png
10 "The Haunted House Game"
Goosebumps g dark yellow.png
11/12 "Perfect School"
Goosebumps g red.png
13/14 "Werewolf Skin"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
15 "Awesome Ants"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
16 "Bride of the Living Dummy"
Goosebumps g dark yellow.png
17 "Strained Peas"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
18 "Say Cheese and Die... Again"
Goosebumps g red.png

Chillogy PT.1: "Squeal of Fortune"
Chillogy PT.2: "Strike Three... You're Doomed"
Chillogy PT.3: "Escape from Karlsville"

22 "Teacher's Pet"
Goosebumps g red.png

Goosebumps g red.png - 25%

Season 4

No. Episode Overall rating
1/2 "How I Got My Shrunken Head"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
3/4 "The Ghost Next Door"
Goosebumps g green.png
5/6 "Cry of the Cat"
Goosebumps g red.png
7/8 "Deep Trouble"
Goosebumps g yellow.png
Goosebumps g yellow.png - 50%

Director Episodes directed Rating
Timothy Bond
  • The Haunted Mask
  • Monster Blood
  • More Monster Blood
  • Night of the Living Dummy III
Goosebumps g yellow.png - 50%
John Bell
  • The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
  • The Girl Who Cried Monster
  • The Phantom of the Auditorium
  • Return of the Mummy
  • Bad Hare Day
  • Don't Go to Sleep!
  • Click
Goosebumps g yellow.png - 57%
Ron Oliver
  • Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  • Night of the Living Dummy II
  • Say Cheese and Die!
  • Let's Get Invisible!
  • Vampire Breath
  • How to Kill a Monster
  • Perfect School
  • Werewolf Skin
  • Say Cheese and Die... Again
  • How I Got My Shrunken Head
  • Cry of the Cat
Goosebumps g red.png - 33%
William Fruet
  • Piano Lessons Can Be Murder
  • Stay Out of the Basement
  • A Night in Terror Tower
  • The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
  • Attack of the Mutant
  • Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
  • Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns
  • The Haunted Mask II
  • Welcome to Dead House
  • Don't Wake Mummy
  • My Best Friend is Invisible
  • The House of No Return
  • The Barking Ghost
  • One Day at HorrorLand
  • The Haunted House Game
  • Chillogy
  • Deep Trouble II
Goosebumps g green.png - 60%
René Bonnière
  • Be Careful What You Wish For...
  • You Can't Scare Me!
Goosebumps g red.png - 30%
Randy Bradshaw
  • Ghost Beach
  • Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
  • The Blob That Ate Everyone
  • Shocker on Shock Street
  • An Old Story
  • Bride of the Living Dummy
Goosebumps g red.png - 20%
Don McCutcheon
  • Awesome Ants
  • Strained Peas
  • The Ghost Next Door
Goosebumps g yellow.png - 50%

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