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Hello, I'm Andrew Veenstra. I'm a content moderator and contributor to this wiki. When active, I strive to improve messy formatting and inconsistencies across articles, which usually tends to be on character pages. If you have any questions or would like to message me, leave them on my message wall and I'll be free to answer them within a day or so.

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My Discovery of Goosebumps and this Wiki

I first discovered Goosebumps in the fourth grade. I'm fairly certain the first book I read was either One Day at HorrorLand or The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena. Whichever book it was, I read through it immediately and loved it. I noticed how there was an ad for a TV series based off of the books on the front cover. I proceeded to watch every episode over the span of a few years. As time went on and I got older, I slowly lost interest in the series, but started to become nostalgic for the series around when the first film's trailer dropped. I saw the film opening night and thought it was decent for a children's film. I saw the second film opening night as well but wasn't as impressed.

A few months after the release of Haunted Halloween, I discovered this wiki. I had minimal knowledge on how wikis worked, but I felt inclined to contribute as I had known much about the series when I was younger. I made my first edit, and it was pretty terrible. I stopped editing after realizing I wasn't very good and decided to just watch what other people did to understand how it all worked. After a few months, I got a decent enough understanding and decided to help out to a larger degree in late summer of that year.

My 10 Favorite Original Goosebumps Books

  1. The Haunted Mask
  2. The Haunted Mask II
  3. Night of the Living Dummy II
  4. Deep Trouble II
  5. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
  6. The Haunted School
  7. Werewolf Skin
  8. Stay Out of the Basement
  9. Say Cheese and Die!
  10. Monster Blood II

My 10 Favorite Series 2000 Books

  1. Slappy's Nightmare
  2. Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 2
  3. Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls
  4. Bride of the Living Dummy
  5. The Haunted Car
  6. Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 1
  7. Return to HorrorLand
  8. Cry of the Cat
  9. Creature Teacher
  10. Horrors of the Black Ring

My 10 Favorite TV Episodes

  1. "The Haunted Mask"
  2. "Night of the Living Dummy III"
  3. "Welcome to Dead House"
  4. "Stay Out of the Basement"
  5. "Welcome to Camp Nightmare"
  6. "Night of the Living Dummy II"
  7. "Say Cheese and Die"
  8. "Werewolf Skin"
  9. "Haunted Mask II"
  10. "Perfect School"

My 10 Favorite Tim Jacobus Covers

  1. Night of the Living Dummy
  2. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
  3. The Barking Ghost
  4. Night of the Living Dummy II
  5. Monster Blood IV
  6. You Can't Scare Me!
  7. Slappy's Nightmare
  8. Werewolf Skin
  9. Night of the Living Dummy III
  10. Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Parts 1 and 2

My 10 Favorite Brandon Dorman Covers

  1. The Haunted Mask 2
  2. Say Cheese and Die!
  3. Diary of a Dummy
  4. The Blob That Ate Everyone
  5. The Haunted Car
  6. The Five Masks of Dr. Screem
  7. The Dummy Meets the Mummy
  8. Night of the Living Dummy 3
  9. Night of the Living Dummy 2
  10. I Am Slappy's Evil Twin

Page Ideas

  • Mike (Welcome to Camp Nightmare)
  • Jay (Welcome to Camp Nightmare)
  • Colin (Welcome to Camp Nightmare)
  • Hat
  • Danny Fletcher
  • Carolyn Hawlings
  • Mr. Fitz
  • Henway and The Duke of Earle