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Soon I will read Goosebumps.

Top 5 Covers

ALinkToThePasta reviews episodes from TV.

  • Don't Go to Sleep! is everything that is wrong with the show, in my humble opinion whoever made it should've been fired on the spot.
  • Ghost Beach, while very stupid, was actually better as a "so bad it's good" way in the show.

I watched more episodes but I am too lazy to remember them clearly, maybe in the future I will.

Movie Pros and Cons

  • The ending was clever.
  • I liked Jack Black as R.L. Stine, he is a funny character.
  • I liked Slappy in the movie.
  • Champ's character was the generic goofy sidekick, I believe they could've done better with him. Not that he did a lot in the movie to ruin it but I still don't think it's an excuse for him to have almost no intresting plotlines.
  • A Thing I didn't like was the aunt, she was really unfunny and did nothing in the movie, although she was the cause of something pretty funny in the movie
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