Tyler Mitchell is a supporting character in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. He is Sarah Quinn's ex-boyfriend until she learned he was cheating on her.


Tyler is first seen scaring Sarah by the window of the room of her house with a monster mask. He had come to bring her some refreshments while she was working. As she was about to kiss him, her mother Kathy entered the room with her brother Sonny and ordered Tyler to go home.

The next day at school, Tyler asking for a book loan to the library where Sarah was a librarian. He tells her that he is having a party with other friends, but Sarah reluctantly refuses because she has to work on her project for her graduate studies. Later that night, he sends photos to Sarah of the party, which convinces her to join him. As she enters the nightclub, she spots Tyler only to watch him kiss another girl named Jess. Heartbroken, Sarah immediately leaves the party and returns home.

The next day on Halloween, he claims that Sarah missed him and noticed Slappy in her locker (who had smuggled himself in her bag). Sarah just ignores her coldly, leaving Tyler misunderstood. Having overheard her complaints about him the previous night, Slappy unlocks the locker with his powers to avenge "his sister". Tyler was later seen in the auditorium, hanging ghosts on the stage using a ladder. Slappy warns him to pay more attention to Sarah, making a pun with "steps". He telekinetically unscrews the ladder, causing Tyler to fall towards the ground, hurting himself real bad.

Tyler is then taken by ambulance, explaining the incident to the paramedics. Thinking that he was delirious, one of the two men told him that it was only the sedative that made him say that and pointed that the last wounded man had seen a dragon. Tyler insists that it wasn't a dragon but a puppet.

He isn't seen again in the film and it's unclear whether he has reconciled with Sarah, but it is likely not.


  • In an unproduced scene featured in the movie novel, he approaches Sarah while she is waiting for Sonny and Sam Carter, wearing a cast on his arm. During the conversation, Sarah reveals she knows he cheated on her for Jess and disowns him.
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