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Trina O'Dell is the protagonist of the fortieth Goosebumps book, Night of the Living Dummy III, and its television adaptation. She is the older sister of Dan O'Dell.


Trina and Dan's father, Danny O'Dell used to be a ventriloquist and used to have his own comedy act called Danny O'Dell and Wilbur, alongside a dummy called Wilbur. But then he gave up the act and opened a camera store. But then he turned their old attic into a "Dummy Museum", collecting many dummies, restoring them and putting them on display, but he does take them to children's birthday parties to raise money for a school or library. The dummies often made Trina feel uncomfortable, especially one named Rocky, as Trina doesn't like his sneer. She used to be scared of the dummies and Dan often took advantage of this. But that was when they were younger and now that she is older, Trina is not afraid of the dummies anymore, although they still make her feel uncomfortable.

General information

Physical appearance

Trina is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and a little chubby with curly red hair and green eyes.


Trina has a bit of cheekiness in her as she often likes to tease Dan and calling him Mouse to make him really mad and she was in on playing mean tricks on Zane when he visited them. She has a feeling that she and Dan got their sense of humor from their father, since he used to do a ventriloquist act and Trina often wondered how he gave up the act. Trina can also get annoyed if some tricks were played on her, but sometimes she can't help but to give in and laugh. There are moments when she was quite serious, such as promising her father not to scare Zane (which unfortunately did not come to pass) and she can get pretty hurt and angry if she was berated. She can have quite a temper and would usually express her anger by pounding on the piano. But Trina can be a very thoughtful girl. She used to be afraid of the dummies when she was younger. She knows that they are meant to be funny little guys, but they often make her feel uncomfortable, especially Rocky. They still make her feel uneasy, but Trina is older and braver now, and she considers herself to be braver than Dan.

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